“…runaway emotions corrode the bones.” – Proverbs 14:30

A few years ago, I had low energy, little motivation for life, and woke up each day wondering how I would feel. Emotions were dictating my life and though I knew what I should do, I felt powerless to change.

Then I discovered a truth that changed my life. I discovered that emotions do not represent the truth.

This week, I wanted to show how you can take your emotions from fighting against you to being one of your greatest assets for seeing change in your life.

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  1. Thank you for this! Ive been dealing with anxiety & depression and eversince I knew God, everything is so much better. But there are times when it just hits me. Today it hits me hard. Ive been whining & complaining and letting emotions lead me & the way I see God. Because I believe the only way to let it out is to feel everything – but now after hearing this, I know its not the only way and I can do this. I needed this a lot. Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. This what I’ve needed to hear all week. Thank you.

  3. Love this! Love it how you’ve given us practical tools on how to go about not letting our emotions rule us, rather than just saying ‘don’t let your emotions control you’. Such an important topic, especially when you’re looking at how to be effective for the kingdom. Thanks!

  4. Wow this is an awesome perspective! Thanks guys.

  5. Ian Jon-Paul Bernard

    It is amazing how a belief like, “I’m the only one experiencing this and I don’t know if I’ll get free” can be such a stronghold. Love never fails! I’m going to share this stuff! Thank you Austin for sharing your journey with us, you rock dude! and Lisa for your wisdom and just be an awesome spiritual mom! haha Much love!

  6. I’ve been studying about this from the last 2 years due to a time I started to have panic attacks. What you’re teaching is so important to help people understand how their mind work + what The Word teaches about how we need to think and with that be free from emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression…. I’m so happy with this series! So important!! Praying fouy you guys! God bless!!

  7. It is amazing how God ties things together so perfectly. I just listened to a sermon by Steven Furtick titled “It Is What It Is, But It’s Not What It Seems”, and it touches on a huge part that jumped out at me from this about not being led by feelings. Our faith grows the more we lean on Him and renew our mind by seeking His Word in circumstances despite how we feel things are going; and the faith to do that in turn allows more to grow from the Truth planted in us. Thank you for this post! Each blog post thus far God has truly used to speak to me. God bless!

  8. Thank you for this! What an “ah ha” moment, I burst into tears! I can’t explain how for the past couple of years now I’ve felt that sense of massive potential internally I can’t seem to grasp or get anywhere with. And a lot of it is fear based because of my family history and circumstance. I definitely have let what I’m feeling take over and just the tool of asking “what am I feeling?” And directing that to what God says is so helpful because it’s not something you honestly just think to do in those moments. So thank you again for this! Can’t wait for more!

  9. Cassandra Jacqueline

    Thank you for this amazing message! I realized that I’ve been letting my emotions dictate my thoughts and how I view God. Exactly what Austin was saying, I didn’t feel like God was with me and I believed that to be a truth. However, it’s not about how I feel, but what the Word says to be true about God. Keep up the great videos and thank you for the encouragement!

  10. Thank you Sons & Daughters! My 15 year old son and I have made viewing the videos together a Thursday night ritual. Austin – so helpful these 3 questions & formula on getting unstuck! I’m adding these to my spiritual journal. May God’s grace be with you all.

  11. thx for that message!! So for me it is exactly how it is right now…not to get overwhelmed by the circumstances…i feel this calling on my life! Point 1 is: as a single mom almost all my circumstances dont look like getting there. Even if i have to say god is using my past to give others a future. Point 2 is: i just feel so unable to walk in my calling…i just dont know where to start…and that frustrates a bit…Point 3: the biggest challenge is to just do what god tells me to do even if people dont think its right…sometimes its like walking totally alone…of course then he always reminds me of, if nobody will start walking in different paths…nothing new will happen…so what i am focusing on right now is: Love and Gods promises! So this are the main areas i am studying right now. If you have any recourses that would be awesome!! thx for your work!!

  12. Wow. This video was incredibly uplifting & eye-opening. For me, I’ve been feeling really uneasy & anxious to already start the calling that God has for my life. I just want to fast-forward to next year to when I graduate college. Thank you for sharing that we have to dedicate where we are at in life to God & wholly focus on God’s Word!

  13. Everything that Austin was saying about how he was feeling in his early twenties is exactly how I have been feeling right now in my life. And I was thinking, “wow, so I’m not crazy!” So thanks for this. It’s super practical, and I am going to start applying this in my life.