(Watch the video, then proceed with caution.)

My life made so much more sense in Colorado. I loved my job and the people I worked with. I could clearly see the importance of what I did, and I was using my unique skills.

Not to mention, I had the mountains for snowboarding, my friends and family nearby, and I just love Colorado.

But God saw beyond me. To be more specific, He saw something within me. Something that needed to be developed.

God sees the end from the beginning, and He wants us to succeed even more than we do.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”—Jeremiah 29:11 | NIV


Long Obedience

I could have easily said, “Well, I came to California like God told me to. He said to go and I did. But since there’s no program, I guess I’ll just go back to Colorado where I was doing fun and important things.”

If I would have done that, I would have missed so much.

God knows what He’s doing. Long obedience is living a life of trust. It’s doing something in a constant direction until the journey has been completed.

It’s not rushing. It’s staying the course. Not chasing any and everything that’s shiny. It’s being present in the moment.

Set the vision in front of you and press toward it until you’re told to stop. Otherwise you will miss the treasure God has waiting for you.




Take Action

As I mentioned in the video, the thing that helped me when I was most confused was going back and reading the confirmation that I was supposed to move to San Diego.

So a simple yet important action is to take a moment to capture your thoughts.

If an artist had his paint equipment with him and saw a beautiful sunset that inspired him, he wouldn’t wait until he was home and just paint the sunset off memory. He would immediately take out his stuff and get to work capturing that sunset.

In a similar way, we should use moments of inspiration to paint visions for our lives. Next time you encounter inspiration, remember that you have your equipment with you to capture it. You have your phone. You can capture a video, voice memo, or just journal your thoughts. Be intentional to capture these moments of inspiration.


Final Thoughts

Remember, God wants you to succeed even more than you do. So be courageous. Follow the vision He’s given and will continue to give you. He’s leading you into something great that you will soon be able to see.


  1. Hi there,
    This post spoke to me a lot!
    In February I was considering between the vision God was showing me and taking the next step in my career. I eventually decided that taking the next step is what I thought was best… (not necessarily what God wanted)
    I was offered a role in my career as a leader and it continued to use skills and experience I have had for over a decade ….

    9 months later … the location I was working in was permanently closed. And I was very confused . I thought because of my work experience and skills… that this was the best fit for me.

    Leading up to closure , God began showing me more glimpses of what he had planned for me. It has led me to applying for ministry and leadership training at my church. This is a step that has come from obedience. It’s not something I would have chosen on my own accord … but I’m expectant to see God’s vision for my life unfold.

    Thanks again for the encouraging post.

  2. Wow, this is exactly what I’m experiencing right now. I’ve been living in Los Angeles for the last 6 years (a place I never would have considered leaving), but this past October, the Lord told me to move to Denver. I literally fought Him for months even after He gave me time to prepare my heart. So now, here I am, 2 months exactly to the day God gave me to move..having no idea why I’m going, how I’m going to get there, where I’m going to live, or what job God has for me. All I know is the church/prayer house I’m supposed to be at and that He will eventually give me a job. This video was exactly what I needed right now in regards not only to staying obedient but also in being present and faithful in the obedience. Thank you for this.

  3. Totally in this season of my life! I have really tested God’s word to me and have had to follow His lead even though it seems confusing. The word He gave me was, “You don’t have to understand, because I do. You do not see the whole picture or the end, and I do.” It has been so difficult and I have to daily release it to Him.
    This video was so helpful and encouraging for me to press on.
    So funny too because I live in SD and actually go to C3! 😹😻

  4. hannahwoodbury20@gmail.com

    Hey Alec! Thanks so much for sharing the way God has been working in your life. I love the part you shared about long term obedience. My husband and I were living in Ecuador for 3 years, but almost two years ago God called us back to Minnesota. It’s been a roller coaster ride since and my husband was recently let go from his job. We are trusting God for new visions, dreams, and like you said He desires to see us succeed. Your testimony was an encouragement of the ways God is at work even when we can’t always see it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Christal Potter

    Alec, thank you so much for sharing this incredible experience of yours. For the past few years I’ve felt a strong desire to pursue a certain career in Florida. Though I had the desire, one that was fueled with the peace of God, I still was so hesitant to create all that change for myself and leave all that felt familiar to me in SC. Well, I too was guilty of partial obedience. I applied for jobs consistently with the company I was drawn to, yet no acceptances…I stopped praying specifically and I wasn’t making plans to make the move. I lacked a vital faith ingredient—expectancy. Long story short, about a month ago I saw a job listing that fit me to a T! I applied and it’s like I felt a burst of new energy…like this was my opportunity. I applied, prayed like I knew God was going to give me the job and soon enough I was recruited! In closing, I’m now getting prepared for my final approval before the job is guaranteed and yet someone has already put an offer on my house that requires me to be out in 30 days and the apartment complex I’ve chosen requires I move in by mid-May! I’m sharing all of this to say, I totally resonate with what you’ve shared, and it’s such an encouragement to be reminded that HE knows that plans He has for me. I may crave the ability to know and see everything that’s ahead, but my peace shouldn’t come from knowledge or having my ducks in a row…it should come from God alone who always works things for my good. Sometimes things happen lightening fast, but I believe that His favor and it gives us no time to doubt or have second thoughts that shy us away from His beautiful plans. 🙂 My pastor shared about a month before all of this began: Amos 9:13 “The time will come,” says the LORD, “when the grain and grapes will grow faster than they can be harvested.” God’s fast favor propels us to prosperity and it’s so crucial that we follow suit and pursue all that He has for us with an expectant heart and active faith!

  6. WOW! Praise God! This Throwback on Instagram came at the perfect time. This really touched my heart in the exact way I needed it to. I’m going to Belgium on a semester exchange for 6 months and the thought of leaving my family, friends and church behind is overwhelming. But these words were exactly what I needed to hear: that God can always see things clearer! Wow wow wow!!!

  7. This is amazing. I live in San Diego and God has placed it on my heart to move to Georgia and I was freaking out like God I don’t have a job lined up there am I dreaming this it did you talk to me. But you sharing your testimony has been really encouraging. Thank you

  8. Alexia Ocegueda

    I love when God speaks to me through dreams!
    So good Alec!

  9. Felipe Hasegawa

    Absolutely fantastic revelation. Thank you for giving language to the process, which can crazy confusing. Truly a life principle to have and use constantly.

  10. Such a now word spoken in a now season. xx

  11. I loved this Alec! My vision has been to switch my career, I’m trying not to freak out. I’ve gotten comfortable. Its tough getting out of the routine. Thanks for sharing and the action steps.

  12. Whitney S.

    This is so my experience with the holy spirit. Supernatural confirmation, you step out in faith, suddenly things don’t work out and now to others you appears foolish and silly. Yes, this is totally how I I feel God tricks us into something greater. Such freedom in letting go.

    “What has God called you to do? Are you being obedient to it?” Needed this. Thanks Alec!

  13. I needed to hear this now in this season. So good! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I just want you to know God has been speaking to me so clearly lately about some big dreams he has given me. There was a long while of confusion and once open doors slammed in my face but just like you, I read my journal entry about what my life is supposed to look like and where I am going. I realized I was thankful for those shut doors and that I need to focus on my relationship with God and not making these dreams happen myself. As I draw closer to him, everything else will fall into place. I am supposed to be a mouthpiece for God I am supposed to spread his word even to the ends of the earth. I am supposed to be moldable in God’s hand. Now comes the long term obedience! Thanks for the timely reminder! You made a bold hard move, imagine the changed lives it will bring! Thanks!

  15. Thank You.

  16. Wow! I wish God would speak to me so clearly, I have no idea!

  17. So timely. God is awesome. Alec, thanks for sharing. I’m finding myself in a situation similar to the one you shared. I feel like I’ve hit a dead end and like I don’t belong in my profession. Things are just not working out. Sometimes I feel like I got myself in this
    mess and I made a huge mistake. However, your video reminded me of Gods promises over my life and that he’s in total control. I will press on. Thank you. (Huge Bevere fan by the way…)

  18. David Perkins

    Love you bro. So proud of you.

  19. Joanna Keene

    Thank you for this! My husband and I are starting a new ministry for Biological Parents who lose their kids because of their own issues. We’ve been so excited about it but as of the past 2 weeks our daughter (20 years old) has been going through a nightmare. It has rocked our world and we have contemplated getting out of everything we do ministry wise because we are so broken right now. I have completely withdrawn in the last week from friends and meetings and such because I feel like part of me is dying. But I know God has called us to this and I know that being obedient shows that we believe God has even this under control and that He truly does have purpose beyond today for our lives. Thank you for your words. It is a great encouragement to me.

  20. Roberto Torres

    This is absolutely incredible!! Super encouraging. Deeply grateful for this story.

    My family and I are moving to Los Angeles in 5 days. Nothing secure, no comfort. Only radical obedience. God called us, we are moving.

    Your story gave us a boost!

    Thank you

  21. Fantastic testimony. Over how long was this journey for you?

  22. That was an incredible testimony!!! Thank you for your transparency. Your obedience to make this video will make a miraculous impact on so many lives!

  23. Cookie Marie Kurtz

    Whew! Long term obedience – Wow!
    3 words I needed to hear! I’ve experienced so many changes in the last three years. New challenges and paths in career, church and personal intentions that I know God has put in my view. My life long mantra is to “ stay calm and carry on” what I take away from your message is to having trust in God and believe that you can do all things through him with mindful, intentional trust and “calm” “steady” Prayful obedience!
    Go! ALEC

  24. I saw this at the perfect moment. YES and amen. Our generation NEEDS to hear this. This spurred be on big time to follow through with the vision..

  25. Long term obedience….. wow wow wow can’t hear that enough. So good, thanks for sharing.

  26. Thank you for this! A year ago I experienced my first ever vision/dream from God I am 32 years old. It was so vivid and crazy but good crazy. At first I was like woah what the what, was that God? How did I even? I experienced a few more just as vivid, some during the day and few more night ones. The very last one I had was a warning to me to not get scared and run. I did that exact thing, I’ve been running scared and avoiding my mission for a year now. I saw this post on Instagram and watched this video and plain as day God just said Im not done with you yet, go and do what I told you to do!

  27. Dang man! Thanks so much for sharing your journey of obedience and faith. Looking back I realized there were some missed opportunities but moving forward I’m going to “capture the moments” like you suggested. I’m also encouraged not to give up on dreams that the Lord has laid on the heart. Much Love man!

  28. Thank you Alec for this. I’ve been struggling with trying to understand what God is doing in regards to me not passing my licensure exam for a school psychologist. This speaks volumes to me where I am at. God is always trying develop something within us. He is more concerned about the matters of the heart. He looks for our yes every time. Long term obedience. To obey is better than sacrifice. I am now in a place where I am studying for my exam to take again toward the end of February. God said “take it day by day and I will see you through. There is nothing that goes unnoticed and nothing that is delayed.” Thank you for your encouragement to keep moving forward, in obedience, in the calling God has for my life. Bless you always.

  29. It’s nice to know this, thanks for sharing. God reveals me things through dreams as well! It’s so peculiar sometimes, it’s hard to describe. How is it like for you? You know that it’s always different than our “regular dreams”, so although your mind may try to trick you to think it wasn’t God , don’t ever buy it. If He showed you something, He will definitely fulfill it, doesn’t matter how “improbable” it may look..

  30. Thank you so much for writing this! This is such a confirmation and an encouragement to keep obeying Him in everything including prayer. He has asked me to pray for certain things, and sometimes I have no idea why, but I need to continue trusting Him and obeying Him in everything. Funny because I asked Him once why I needed to keep praying, and He literally said, “Because I’m going to do something incredible…you’ll see!” (Your title, haha!) So thank you!

  31. Anna Rachel C.

    So so good. Perfect post for the season I am in. Thanks for sharing Alec! 🙌🏼

  32. Kendall Winn

    Wow, I absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing, Alec; your obedient reminder is just what I needed. I’ve seen so many times in my life where God has given me a vision and how frequently it seemed like it wouldn’t follow through because of circumstances. But pressing forward, He would unexpectedly, and with a great deal of style, overwhelm me with the ingenuity of His response. They stand as reminders for the visions which have not yet come to fruition and ingrain that hope within me of expectancy for His perfect response. I love going back over old journal entries to see my bewilderment of current situations that seemed like roadblocks, only to read a later entry of His unbelievable answer. Especially this time of year, I am reminded to run, not walk with the vision. Thank you again for this, He definitely is a God who wants to do exceedingly more than we can possibly comprehend. I will be praying over the business school as you carry the vision!

  33. Wow! I was so confused today. And angry . Thank you for reminding me to go back to what God said in the begining 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Thank you for being honest and may the business school bring much glory to our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord!!!!

  34. Clarianne M.

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing this lesson on obedience. I find myself in a similar position as you did when you first arrived in San Diego. After a great internship, I moved from Colorado Springs to south Florida outside of Miami, leaving everything. I believed it was God who used my situation at the time to bring me here, but let me tell you I did not anticipate having such a rough time! I am getting out of what has been one of the lowest points of my (short) life to date; I’m believing it’s a time for me to walk out a wholehearted, courageous obedience towards the Lord that I haven’t walked in before. I’ve prayed for this to happen, and now it’s unfolding! Thank you for encouraging us to ultimately keep clinging to God in every endeavor, to keep listening to what he is saying (not so much what others are saying or thinking), and to be quick and careful to follow his leading. God really is good, I believe it!

  35. It is so great to hear this testimony of you hearing the voice of God, following it, and staying the course! We love you Alec!!

  36. Thank you so much for sharing this experience Alec! I was reminded of God’s promise over my life and was inspired to continue pressing forward towards the next assignment He has for me in order to see that promise fulfilled! Blessings on your journey!

  37. Wow. This is what I needed to hear. God has given some big dreams, but instead of next steps, He has told me to be faithful where I’m at, and zero in on Him. God is faithful for His follow through, I won’t worry about that. And long term obedience…so good. Eye opening and an excellent reminder.

  38. Great word Alec!!

  39. Great obedience requires great sacrifice and will be greatly rewarded. So encouraged by the way The Lord spoke so clear in your dream and how obedient you were to follow and trust Him. Thank you for that. I am a small business owner in SD. I will be praying for more open doors and the foundation of this business school to be solid and unshakable. Kingdom come through you and your team. Run relentlessly after what He gives you. Promises and purposes fulfilled in and through you. More visions and dreams. Protection over all of it. Thank You Father.

  40. Kallan Groseth

    What is the business school ?! I am interested in what you are doing !