Just a couple of years ago, I woke up one morning and didn’t want to go on. I felt like I had no energy to make it through my day, let alone anything more than that. As I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of my bed, I heard God say to me, “Austin, I need you to start hoping again.”

The thing about depression, though, is you don’t want to hope. In fact, that’s the last thing you want to do. But if we’re going to escape depression’s grip, we’ll have to choose to hope . . . even when we feel like there’s no reason to.

Abraham was well beyond being able to have children, yet he kept hoping in God’s promise. Joseph had a dream that he would rule over his brothers, and even his parents, yet he was accused of rape and sent to prison for years. David was anointed king, only to have to run for his life and lose everything he had. And then there’s Jesus, who found hope and surrender even when the pain of His mission was causing blood to seep from His pores. All of these people and more went through dark times, yet they chose to look beyond the pain through the power of hope.

Hope is a confident expectation in what God has placed in you and before you. That’s why it is cultivated by getting a glimpse of God’s vision for your life. As God reveals this picture to you, write it down. Post it where you’ll see it regularly. And continue to add to it as God gives you more.

Most important, get into Scripture and ask God to use His Word to paint a picture of a future that’s bigger than you. As you grow in your understanding of what He’s placed on you, you will begin to see things differently and find the power to hope again.




  1. Thank you so much for sharing God’s truth. This video was balm to my soul as well as a kick in the pants (which I frequently need). I am continually amazed at how often I get into a funk and forget His promises, part of why we need the fellowship of other believers. Thank you for giving Jesus your all and encouraging your brothers and sisters in Christ, I am frequently cheered on by your family and ministry.

  2. Last year I kept getting a revelation from idk where and it didn’t come to pass. As a result, I doubted my ability to hear His voice. This year when I received more revelations I asked Him to confirm it in the Word. I wrote down the “visions” (not seen visions but what I think He was telling me) and I kept going through it in the Word. But I kept asking Him for more and more confirmations as I didn’t want to misunderstand. Then I saw your video and I was depressed; I was up when I thought He spoke and down when I thought He didn’t and people including Christians don’t even know what to do with me. He’s kept me hidden in the wilderness and it’s been difficult between churches. I thought He told me to teach in South America and after a year and a half the church had kept rejecting my ministry and belittling me. Your video said that I should write the visions down and keep going even though idk if they’re correct or idk what His will is. Sometimes people just try to fix you or get fed up with you. Also, admitting you’re depressed can attract a lot of sickos when you’re a single woman. But you have the answer. Sometimes we’re not doing anything wrong. We just haven’t waited long enough. And we can get confused, discouraged, and hopeless in the wait. Thank you. Your family keeps confirming and speaking to me again and again and Messenger is the only church I have right now so I admire all your courage.

  3. Honestly needed to hear this. I am a senior in high school and I’m at that point where the stress is getting to me as I transition into college. Just the other day I felt so depressed that I didn’t want to be here because I thought it would make all the pain go away. But I know that God has a plan for my life and will lead me down a path of righteousness and NOT destruction. So thank you for this.

    • Arden Bevere

      Hey Leah, so blessed to hear that this spoke to you! We know as well that God has an amazing plan for your life.

  4. I am so grateful for this message! At times it feels like a person is going through things alone, so when I heard your story I was encouraged that I am not the only one feeling hopeless at times and that I do not have to continue feeling that way because God is faithful to keep His promises!!

    Thank you for sharing this! May God give you even more boldness to continue speaking the Truth in Love.


    • Arden Bevere

      Glad Austin’s story encouraged you! Excited to hear how God will use your story now to help others in need

  5. I give thanks God for this message. I will show this message to my daughter.(I HOPE she read and keep it in her heart) She is almost sixteen year old and she is struggling with depression and anxiety.( she is having a really bad thoughts). I keep telling her that there is hope; I know it is hard for her…I keep praying to God and believing in his promises. God promises are YES and AMEN. Austin thank you! God bless you and all your family. Many young people are struggling with depression. We need to stand up with the word of God(our sword ⚔️)
    Please keep my daughter in your prayers and many people that don’t say anything because they are afraid of judgment.

  6. Thanks for this message is aligned, on point, relevant to whats needed in or from, my whole heart. Please feel free to remember me, my family, community in your prayers.

  7. In November 2016, God gave me a vision. I prayed about it, had received numerous confirmations threw signs from Him, etc. This past Dec., right before Christmas, I had the rug pulled out from under me. What I am seeing is that what He gave me is now impossible due to the circumstances at present. I was devastated. I surrendered that “plan” and am now just doing everything possible to grow closer to God without this plan in motion. It is so easy for me to fall back into depression; because my PTSD rears its ugly head at random times; but I also know that God loves me and His way is perfect. I love that I’d discovered the Bevere family around that time and how I’ve been able to devour the books and videos you share with the world. Each and every day, I push myself through scripture, even if I don’t feel like it and I talk to God continuously through my day, so that I do not fall into the pit of despair that can so easily swallow me whole. I’ve spent the last couple of days watching these videos and have found them to be useful and inspiring. It is so hard when you think you are alone in your struggle. Knowing now that I am not the only one makes it a bit easier. THANK YOU, BEVERES for this wonderful sharing of faith. It truly helps. <3

  8. Thank you for sharing! I have been walking through a difficult season and the Lord specifically laid two phrases upon my heart, get your hopes up and dare to hope. In this season, I am taking Psalm 27:13 to heart daring to hope that, “I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Your message is an encouragement and fresh reminder of the truth, thank you for your honesty and openness concerning a topic that is difficult to discuss.

    • Austin Bevere

      Sure thing, Becca. I’m glad to hear this was a timely reminder to what God has been speaking to you. 🙂

  9. This is SO GOOD, and right on and timely! Thank you SO much for sharing, Austin!! 👏👏👍👌😀😃🙌😊

  10. Wow! Great word Austin! We are literally walking this out right now with our little puppy. 🙁

  11. Thanks so much! Really encouraging!!!!