The Routine of Champions

Setting up a nighttime routine was a game changer for me. Why? Well, for starts, I finally felt like I wasn’t a failure for not being consistent with any kind of morning routine (I’m not a “morning person”). Plus, now my nocturnal habits help me end my day well. And when you end your day well, you sleep better—which ultimately leads to starting the next day off right.

But . . . just like a morning routine, a nighttime routine can be difficult to maintain if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, for today’s post, I’m sharing five tips on building a nighttime routine and, as a free bonus, I’m offering a simple overview of what my nights look like.

Five Extremely Helpful Tips

  1. Use the secret weapon: listen to the Bible

Like I said in the video, listening to the Bible was a game changer for me. This is such an easy thing to do, and it will cause you to start craving Scripture. Honestly, I don’t know how to describe the Bible. It’s comfort when you’re hurting. It’s the answer to a problem you can’t solve. It’s creativity when you need an idea. It’s love. It’s power. It’s alive. It’s dynamic. So just put on those headphones and let God’s Word light up your nights.

  1. Get competitive

Competition isn’t something that only belongs within sports or games. If you use it correctly, it is an amazing tool and motivator. I’m competitive with myself to see how long I can keep my nighttime-routine streaks going. In fact, the Bible App has a tool that tracks the number of consecutive days you’ve read or listened to Scripture. There are many healthy ways for you to be competitive with yourself—or others—so be on the lookout for them. (My current streak on the Bible App is 55 days . . . beat me, or at least try.)

  1. Don’t set yourself up for failure

This is a simple yet an important thing to remember. Don’t make crazy complicated routines or goals. Just start off simple. Once you master the simple, then you can add new things. Any great routine is built with a bunch of small, intentional steps. Maybe just try listening to the Bible while you’re falling asleep and then work up from there.

  1. Mix it up

On one night of the week, I’ll do something completely different. This helps me keep things fresh. What does that look like? For me, it’s always changing, but I mostly research random questions that I thought up during the week, listen to audiobooks, watch scientific YouTube videos (a channel I’d recommend is Smarter Everyday), watch or listen to a sermon (maybe the latest S&D episode or MessengerTV), or work on a special project.

  1. It’s not about the routine

Even though this tip may seem anti-routine, it very well could be the most important tip to building a great routine. The whole idea here is to create space for God to reveal new things to you. And as you do this, you’ll notice that He actually can and will speak to you throughout your whole day as well. His goal is deep relationship, so when God invites you to break the mold for the sake of greater intimacy or to experience something new, don’t be afraid to step out.

Action Step

Listen to 1 Samuel within the Bible App. This is an amazing book. And if you enjoy book one, there’s a part two. Download the Bible App if you don’t have it already, put on those headphones, and crank the Word.

The Routine

(Sunday – Thursday)

8:45 PM – Reminder Alarm

  • This alarm is a simple reminder for me to wrap up whatever I’m doing

9:00 PM – Listen to the Bible

  • Headphones go in
  • Get ready for the next day

9:15 PM – Continue listening to the Bible or mix it up

  • I’ll go to my desk and continue listening to the Bible while taking notes
  • Mix it up
    • Audiobook
    • Research a question
    • Sermons
    • Educational videos

10:00 PM – Pray

  • Some people pray at the beginning of their time. But I pray after listening to the Bible because I feel my prayers are more focused then.

10:30 PM – Get in my bed

– While falling asleep, I’ll listen to the Bible.

(Fun Fact) Did you know that according to the Bible the beginning of the day starts after the sun sets, not rises? Which means, if you really want to start your day off right then start at night.



  1. Brittany Jones

    Thanks for sharing. I have struggled with keeping a routine, even though, ironically, I typically function best when I have the same routine lol. So, I appreciate that you’ve posted yours and may use it as a guideline for my own. Ever since my grandfather passed in June, I have had trouble sleeping several nights a week. I have acknowledged that theres so much on my mind and need to decompress before bed, but wasn’t exactly sure how to go about that. I have noticed that I typically sleep better and/or my days go better when I’ve at least spent time reading the Word. I saw your throwback post on dreams (thank you) and it led me to this post, and i am grateful! God is GOOD. and you rock! Thanks for being obedient to Him 🙂

  2. Bianca Pretorius

    Yes! Faith comes through hearing and hearing through the Word of Christ. Romans 10:17

    The Streetlights app is good to listen to as well as Youversion. NLT is my fave for reading/listening and ESV when I study.

  3. Maurivam Jr.

    Wow! That came so timely for me (even though this post has been here for almost one year hehehe). I’ve recently discovered about you guys, and it’s been a great blessing for me! All your videos, posts and podcasts are so simple, but yet so powerful!

    I’m definitely a night person and a super-heavy sleeper and, as most here, have always struggled with the pressure of waking up early and having my quiet time with God. Your words, Alec, were spot on. Thank you for sharing your heart and giving these precious tips.
    May God keep blessing you guys and this amazing ministry!

    Greetings all the way from Brazil!

    Ps.: I also love the Bible App, and my current streak is 291 days 😆.

  4. Monica Bowser

    Thanks for video! I have to say I never thought about ending the day reading instead of the morning. I love to start and end the day with God, but I think baby steps are needed for me and I very much love the idea of hanging out with God at night, I can shake off the day and come before Him and just be with Him. Thank you so much again!
    . . .also not sure what your score is now, but mine is 310 🙂
    . . .I’m behind on these video’s mainly because I’m new here, so far I’m loving everything and your guy’s videos help me want to dig deeper and be more outgoing because I am the opposite. Thank you for all these videos!
    God bless!

  5. Great post Alec!! I have a bible app called “the word of promise” it’s an audio theatre bible so there is music, sound effects, different voices, background voices and sounds. It’s the best bible app I’ve ever owned and I also listen to it every night before bed. It keeps me engaged and helps me to put myself in the scenario. I would highly recommend downloading it. It’s in NKJV, here’s the link on the App Store 😄

    Bible – The Word of Promise® by FutureSoft, Inc.

  6. Rachel Swanepoel

    Beauteous. Lol From one nocturnal person to another. From one deep sleeper to another.

    This is great! You’re right, the audiobible has been phenomenal to plug into the word. Recently I’ve been listening to proverbs as I go about my day in the morning, in the car some sermons and at work Playlist upon Playlist of interchanging classical and worship music.

    It’s not set in stone so I do not become bored with it but it helps keep my mind on the right things, meditating on the Word. This helps for when my brain actually wakes up, later in the evening. Then things the Word has brought up in my mind come to the front for me to ponder with God. Most of my writing occurs then. Wrestling, questioning, listening and revelation.

    This post is so helpful in not making routine works based but focusing on its purpose: learning to communicate with our Love.

  7. This is so great My quiet time is usually at night too. And I love listening to the Bible while at work. I recently stumbled across the Streetlights Bible on Spotify – It’s pretty awesome you should check it out!

  8. Caroline Bobbitt

    This video was a blessing for me. Thank you so much. One of my parents is a morning person and one is a night owl. I feel like I flip from one to the other as soon as I need the opposite to be true of me; especially when it comes to my prayer life. This is awesome. Thanks again, Alec!

  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I’m defidently a night owl, always have been and of course the devil likes to lie, but I speak to him and let him know what my Father says about me. When we can get past ourselves but also realize who the liar is, we got this!

    Its not about when, its that we do! That we know we are loved by Him and so we love Him.

  10. This is wonderful advice Alec! I’m definitely going to try this out. I’m currently working on my nighttime routine, so this is a very timely word for me. I might try to beat your bible app streak or at least set my own. So far I’ve read the verse of the day for (believe it or not) 55 days in a row now! Yay!

  11. Thanks for the advice Alec! I’ve always been stuck (I guess subconsciously) thinking the mornings were set aside for God. The night time, sleeping and dreams have really been a weak point for me lately in my walk with God and I know these tips will help move me in the right direction. When I read that about YouVersion Bible App streaks I laughed a bit bc I’ve had one going for a while now too. When I read that you watch Smarter Everday I laughed harder because I love Destin’s videos and have been following his channel.

    Reading these posts and watching these videos helps to remind me that we are just real people wanting to make a difference in the Kingdom. Looking forward to the dreams video and keep up the great work!

  12. I loved reading the post, and listening to what I needed to hear! Waking up early is a challenge for someone who sleeps like a grizzly after hibernation.. But I realize the importance of showing up. I try my best to grow my relationship with The Lord throughout my day, and feel So good for doing it!:) Staying consistent is key, it’s a relationship, the most important relationship anyone will ever have. And it feels so good to hear the voice of God through every blessing and every storm. Thank you for sharing this Alec, I know that this has helped so many sons and daughters of God, already! Have a blessed day☺️

  13. So helpful and inspiring 🙌🏻✨ May God bless you for doing this amazing work. Had a hard time not focusing on that cool snowboard tho 😆

  14. Jas Sison

    Thanks for this post. This is encouraging me to go back to when I really set a time for just soaking in the presence of God, it was especially at night time. Now I miss that.. and I know God misses that too.. alone time just me and Him. I remember i’m just communicating with him for hours and even if I’m past my bedtime I still don’t want to stop! Anyway thank you Alec for sharing your night schedule, I might consider following it 🙂

  15. This is amazing. For years I have tried to get in the morning to have a quest time. I am totally a night person. This really helps me not feel like I’m lacking. Thanks for sharing it is a blessing and amazing an amazing tip..

  16. Wow I love this. And it is very encouraging!! Thank you so much for being honest to share your routine!

  17. Beth Tepes

    Thank you so much for sharing this!
    I have always found it hard to really have a routine and my quiet time in the morning, so I find myself doing it midday. But this is Good!

  18. This makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one who sets up my quiet time at night. My mornings are very scheduled and it just works out best for me to have my quiet times at night. It’s when things are less chaotic and I can focus more on the word,”learning”, and growing in my relationship with God. Thanks for the helpful tips on scheduling a nighttime routine, yall are doing an amazing job with S & D! Much love

  19. This is so good. Love listening to the bible the best so convenient. Great tips too. Thanks heaps Alec 👍🏼

  20. Hiii!
    Like most people I would always feel guilty when I couldn’t stay up and have some time with God. It’s easy for me to wake up early but staying awake for my devotion has always been hard. I think I’ll give this night time routine a try and see how it turns out, I believe it’s going to be fun 😀.

    I’m also interesed in the dreams you mentioned, would like to know how to interpret them and all.

    Thanks for all you do! Much love from Nigeria!

  21. Hi there! Hope you are having a great day! Thank you for the video. I found this to be encouraging. I am a morning person, but I typically like to say a short prayer and then get ready for work. I struggled with getting up earlier because then I would fall back asleep after stopping the alarm; I would feel bad sometimes because I didn’t get to spend that time with Him like I thought I was “supposed” to do in the mornings (in regards to reading His Word, studying, etc). I think knowing your schedule so that you can set up a time to spend with God is crucial; it’s a way to prevent setting yourself up for “failure”. I’m sure everyone has plans that varies on a daily basis, so what’s great is that God is there whenever you’re ready to spend time with Him. He’s not limited to a certain part of the day. I haven’t tried listening to an audio bible, so I’ll give that a shot. Thank you for the advice. I appreciate them and I always look forward to watching these videos. 🙂

    I am curious about the dreams topic. Sometimes I’ll have dreams that are bizarre or tragedies occur in them. I ask God for discernment and wisdom in interpreting them because occasionally I’ll get puzzled.

    Have a great weekend!

  22. Loved this video. My favorite thing you said was…“It is about setting up your body, mind, and spirit to hear from God. So we can learn how to receive from him and talk to him throughout the entire day.”
    I look forward to the S&D posts each week.

  23. Alec, this was good! I’m also very interested in hearing more about your dreams and hearing from God in them, because this is not a very addressed topic ,nowadays, and unfortunately many Christians don’t even belive it.. Also, there’s not a lot of literature about that, and people where I’m from usually don’t share this kind of subject. So , at least for me it was really dificullt to realize and believe that some dreams I had were revelations from God. I only begun to understand it when they were becoming true during the day and it was really shocking in the beginnig. Therefore, I’d like to make some suggestions for your next video that can be really meaningful and help us all, like:

    – How do you differentiate a normal dream from one in which God speaks to you?
    – How do you know it was really from God ?
    – How do you understand its meaning when it’s not that obvious?
    – Last, but not least, how do you keep up holding on to that dream even when everything looks the opposite, too far away, or even people doubting on you trying to make yourself doubt? (you know, sometimes it feels like Joseph, but this one is the hardest for me, I’d appreciate some advice on that, help a sister, brother.)

  24. I love doing long plans on that youversion app too! That helps me stay on track. Another tip is that The Bible app has a timer so you can set it for like 30 minutes or an hour and fall asleep to it without running it all night! I had to do this because sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night because of the noise lol and have to turn it off. I really knock out after 30 minutes EVERY time! I’m so glad to hear that’s youre routine too! I agree with not being able to wake up early but I’m going to try this out for sure. Thanks for the awesome video Alec!!!! I am currently on streak 62 hehehe. Love S & D ❤️❤️❤️

    • Alec Bevere

      YES! I use the timer all the time! But Justina, the day you slip up on that streak I’m overtaking you woman.

  25. Hello! This came really timely. I’ve been trying to change my sleeping patterns in order to wake up att 6:30 (I know it’s not that early) and then I realised this wednesday that God doesn’t require of me to get up at that time. I had put up my own rules, thinking they were in line with God’s.
    I think that feeling like you have to spend time with God at a certain time is the wrong mindset. Pick a time where you want to do it and He will be there and then you’ll both be more content!

  26. Jaime Arden

    Im totally not a morning person. I learned that the Bible counted a “day” from 6pm to 6pm… so my “day” begins the night before.
    and that’s when I’m at my best… so I bring my best to the Lord, and the beginning of the “day” (at night)👍

  27. Nissy Skariah

    Thank you so much for the tips. I could totally relate because for the longest time I’ve felt like a terrible christian for not having enough enthusiasm to spend time with God in the morning. And like you said, it is more about learning to communicate with God rather than the routine itself. Looking forward to the next post!!!

  28. Jocelyn Vargas

    Wow wow wow.. This totally hit home. Waking up to pray has honestly always been one of my biggest struggles & I always found myself praying mid-day apologizing to God and feeling guilty for not waking up and praying, rather than just enjoying my prayer time, but this post truly helped me understand that it is about actually “showing up” & not so much about when. I look forward to these posts every week honestly! Honestly such a blessing..

  29. Jasminhadasah

    This was really good .. I fall into the weird category of reading the Bible ALOT (about 45 chapters a day ) 10 In a literal and ten in a dynamic translation (professor horner bible reading system ) .. and the remaining reading from devotionals etc . This is very EASY for me because I’m a bible geek and can literally spend an entire day in the word. I enjoy it immensely… however.. I’m not good at praying for a long period of time and I need to work at worshiping more . This is a great reminder of finding balance . I think we have an ease and grace in some areas .. but it was never Gods purpose for us to neglect other areas .

  30. Oh my goodness this is such a fantastic post, really resonating with my current situation. I have been so hard on myself on the mornings when I just haven’t been able to get up in time for my time with God. This is the perfect solution. I too sleep so deep and have wild vivid dreams. Mine tend to be nightmares, so I have been doing my best to make it a point to pray before I go to sleep and ask that God would speak to me in my dreams. I am really looking forward to this next post!

  31. Ummmmm… How could I have had the Bible app for years and not know it would talk to me…? 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️ This is great, Alec!

  32. Thanks Alec! Loved the video. I have a night time routine of reading and praying and find that works best for me but also have the First 5 app for mornings. And I love the streak Counter on the Bible App, yes very competitive with myself so love it up to 115 days I think 😏
    I think the biggest thing is as you said though, turning up and actually doing something

  33. Marina Knauber

    Thank you, Alec! This is really inspiring, since I’m not a morning person either, and it’s easy to condemn myself for not being so effective in the mornings. Also, I think it’s a great way to prepare the next day by spending time with God before you go to bed.

  34. Thanks Alex for sharing your nighttime routine. It brought me a lot of comfort because mornings are not possible in this season of my life and I felt guilty. When you shared your feelings, struggles and solution to this situation it brought me great comfort and validation. I quite enjoy spending time with God at night because I am more relaxed and, more importantly, I am finally alone as I am a mother of 3. Like you, I love listening to the Word on Bible app. Enjoy your posts and look forward to more. God bless you and your wonderful family.

  35. Larissa M de Pieri Mirica

    This was great!! Just loved this video! Thank you for all the tips and honesty!

  36. OMG this SOO good!! dude this video was so relatable and so on point to how i was feeling lately! i would get upset at myself because i used to be able to get up early and honestly idk what happened but I’m having such a hard time getting up now! but this was SUPER encouraging and YESS the Bible App is amazing!!
    thanks Alec! S&D you guys are awesome!!

  37. Thank you for this video! Have been struggling with purposely making time with God, thank you for the tips! God Bless!

  38. Hey awesome video today! It really is great to hear how everyone spends their time with God in such unique and wonderful ways! I also wanted to say that I am super excited to hear that next video you were talking about potentially doing on how to hear God in your dreams. That is something I have thought about and I’m really curious to hear you talk more on!
    I love what you guys are doing with Sons and Daughters tv. It is always encouraging to see the posts and videos!

  39. Leah Harley

    This really is helpful because I have always heard to start your day off with God first thing in the morning and it’s nice to know that it be be something different every morning whether it be music, podcast, John and Lisa Beverly;)or even a few scriptures. No matter what I decide to do i always remember to pray even if it’s a simple prayer such as, “ Lord Be with me today” and after praying this I find myself constantly talking to God as the day goes on. To wrap it all up it’s comforting to know that my God Time can be any time of the day.

  40. Thanks Alex,
    This is a great podcast. I help lead a life group and they are always wanting ideas. These I can try and then recommend. I use to listen to the Bible when doing my makeup in the morning. I stopped but it’s time to pick it back up. Can’t wait to hear more about your dreams and hearing from God in them. My 5 senses are up and I know I’m not the only one sense his presence like never before. The more we know the more we growing in him. I love love love this site!!!

  41. So, so, so good!!!! I’ve always been a night person so this is liberating to hear!

  42. Thank you, this is again very inspirational. Sometimes I myself don’t know whether I am a morning or a night person… Anyways, what you say on mixing up the things you do in your daily routine to keep things fresh I found very interesting. I do use the Bible App as well. It is just sooo cool! I really loove it a looot. Sometimes though I switch to my analouge bible and to different languages as well… And yeah. Am I bragging or what, but I am on day 150 – since they put the update out there… 😀 Haha. However. I agree, being competitive with yourself helps me a whole lot in being consistent even when I don’t feel like it. One last thing about the App: I loooooove love love reading plans. And podcasts, books, preaching and other good stuff on youtube. Like you said. Oh man. We truly live in a time of spiritual abundance. If you want to grow spiritually, there is plenty good stuff out there to feed yourself. I myself have the most beautiful time with God when I’m all by myself. But I often get fired up by my community. I guess Hebrews 10,24 fits perfectly when it comes to the impact your surrounding has on your persistency of your daily routine. Much appreciation from Germany. I really love what you’re doing here.

  43. Kellie K.

    Yes! I am not a morning person, and I never have been, so every time I hear pastors and preachers talk about how vital it is to start your day with a devotion, I feel little sense of guilt. But I’m just not wired that way. It’s just so nice to hear that I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing!

  44. So good!

  45. Rhema Irene George

    This is so cool !
    Just what I needed to grow ! gonna do this for a month and see all the change in me !


  46. Can I just say how relatable this is??! I’ve been failing to wake up to my multiple alarms every morning…
    when I got saved someone mentioned Mat. 6:6 and it had such a great impact on me.. it’s pretty simple and we sometimes complicate it much more then what we should.
    great post and keep up S&D!

    • Brooke Herzog

      I’m right there with you when it comes to hitting the snooze! So glad to hear this blessed you (it blessed me too). Night owls unite! haha

      • Yes! Night owls unite 🦉 haha.
        And seriously, great job to you and your team!! I look forward to these posts every week.. and the backgrounds 🙂 praying for God to use you all even more

  47. In my youth, I was a morning person; but I’ve definitely changed to more of a night time person. Though I read two morning devotions, I make sure to pray through the day as well and especially before bed. I guess I thought I was “cheating” on God if I listened to the bible; but I guess anyway a person gets into the word is good. 😀 I have heard the same things, over and over about getting with God in the morning; but this is something I’m going to consider now that I, too, realize that Jesus also prayed in the night. I so look forward to the video on how God speaks to you through dreams. Thanks so much for this great channel. I know that I’ve commented this before; but it’s a different brother each week. 😀 Your family has had a powerful influence on me since I discovered a Sid Roth video with your father on it in November. TY so much for what you do and how you are truly impacting the world for Jesus. To Him all the glory given.

  48. Thanks for the video! Super encouraging! I realize that it is so easy to get caught up “setting goals”, even to “pray” but our relationship with Jesus is very organic and tailored to us specifically. He absolutely meets us where we are, we just have to show up. The keys are being intentional, disciplined and persevering. Routines are great! But developing my “devotional” time was not easy at first, but the more you stick with it, it’s amazing to see how the Lord shows up and as we experience more of His presence we start to crave that time. In fact, miss it when you don’t have it.

  49. What is the name of the App and what was the version of the Bible you like listening to that has different voices for the characters ? You said NLT?