Are you looking for a breakthrough in your life? Here’s the easiest way to see it happen:

Change your mindset.

Let’s breakdown the word “mindset.”

Mind: Faculty of our thoughts and beliefs

Set: To be fixed in a specific position

When we put this together, we see that a mindset is a fixed state of thinking or belief. So, to see breakthrough, we have to change thoughts and beliefs that have held us fixed or captive.

When I was 19, I had a strong fear that if I died I would go to hell. I had prayed the sinner’s prayer multiple times but still struggled with this fear. I was struggling with this mindset:

  • I have to be perfect (or very close to it) to be accepted by God.
  • I can’t struggle with sin if I am a Christian.
  • God is looking for an excuse to condemn me.
  • I have to know the exact date I was saved.

Over a sixth-month period, the Holy Spirit began to walk me through a process of changing my mindset as I read the Bible and other Christian books. This became my new mindset:

  • I receive the righteousness and perfection that Jesus paid to give me. (2 Corinthians 5:17–21)
  • The more the Spirit controls my life, the less I’ll be inclined to follow my sinful nature. (Romans 7)
  • There is no condemnation on my life. God is not my accuser. He’s my Advocate. (Romans 8:1, John 14:26)
  • God called me before I was even born to be His. (Jeremiah 1:5)

When it comes to breakthrough, the first shift often happens in our minds. We will go from one way of thinking to another. That is how we are transformed (see Romans 12:2).

Are you currently looking for a breakthrough in one of these areas?

  • Calling
  • Career
  • Dating
  • Habitual sin

If so, I encourage you to do this:

  1. Bring the area of concern before God.
  2. Ask God to reveal His truth to you.
  3. Open Scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in changing your mindset.

Leave a comment of the areas in your life where you want to see breakthrough so that our team can be praying for you!



  1. I need breakthrough in believing that God is FOR me in EVERY area of my life and that he loves me, will never leave me and that he’s with me and wants good things for my life and is and will continue to bring it to pass.

  2. Laura Ghannadan

    I need breakthrough in being vulnerable with others and just being myself, to stop feeling rejected. Breakthrough of the truth of faith in Jesus so I don’t keep working my way with religion

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  4. Thank you! This is GREAT! I can apply this to every area you’ve mentioned above (minus dating) and more. I see that my mindset about these things has kept me dwarfed spiritually & I don’t want that to be. I want to be all that God has called me to be. Sometimes I don’t know where to start, however. I don’t always know how to go to the Word of God & be vulnerable to listen.

  5. I need a break through in my ability to have a dating life led by God and the man it is suppose to be. I need a break through and an opening of doors for this to occur because i am older than many in our college ministry. I need trust that this next season will be of new proportions and deliverance of sinful nature and fear. I’m ready for more and I need to trust that the Holy Spirit is moving.

  6. Great video! Live out here on the east coast. Am praying for and trying to figure out my next steps in regards to where I shouldn’t plant myself. Where my home church is am trying to take steps of faith in that regards and connect myself somewhere.

  7. Almost every video of Sons&daughters was very useful for me, but this time I was crying… It was truth from God special for me. Few years ago I asked myself if I saved, because I don’t remember especial day of my saving, but from my childhood I knew I’m His, then I became to doubt. I too prayed sinner’s pray many times, I thought that only me have such situation.. Now I need help of God’s grace in these areas: my calling, career, and relationships with people( to tell truth without compromise and in love). Thank you for reminding God LOVES me. Thank for God’s word.

  8. Loved this. I want to breakthrough from fear of disease. I have this false mindset that God doesn’t really want to take care of me, that if It’s happening all around the world, who am I or how am I being protected from that? I’m seeing progress & progressive healing. I’ve received these false symptoms that have no explanation, people have just said it’s anxiety but I still want to break free from it in the name of Jesus. I’ve been struggling for about 4 years since my mom went through a stroke so I’m trying to keep going and look to Jesus through this hard time. But this was really encouraging and definitely something I needed. Thank you.

  9. Thanks for your post!
    I need prayer for the area of recognizing the man God has prepared for me. I have been single my whole life (I’m 34 now) and always been praying Nd waiting for my Mr.right. sometimes it’s just not easy to be patient and I get discouraged and also afraid I might just not “get it” when I finally meet him. I have always prayed God will show me in that moment that he’s the one cause otherwise I wouldn’t want to even start a relationship. I want to do the will of God and be with the one he wants me to have. I need prayer to be patient and that I will not make my sense of life and joy be dependant on finding the right man. Thanks for your prayer!
    Greetings from Germany!

  10. Monica Bowser

    Calling! I know what I am called to do, but I want to be sure that I am headed in the right direction! Thank you! God bless!

  11. Am blessed with this post. I need a breakthrough in my dating life.

  12. Love this video. I have been struggling for quite some time now with an unhealthy fear of God. I’m
    always praying (half hearted) if I’m being honest that God will give me dreams and visions for my life but in all honesty I’m terrified of him and what he will show me. I’m so stuck and because of this and I often feel dry spiritually. I really need a breakthrough in this area. I know God is good so why to I fear him so much.

  13. I wanted to thank you guys for sharing all the awesome messages. I recently experienced our third miscarriage and were still empty handed in this life. Your videos have encouraged me and have allowed me to have the most intimate and serious conversations with God. I pray that God continues to bless each and everyone of you.

  14. Great post! And great video! I was reading The Daniel Dilemma by Chris Hodges recently and he said something so profound: Jacob fought his whole life for the life God had planned for him already. Mind blown. In our struggle for consistency we search for permanency where we shouldn’t be permanent. And then boom…we’re stuck somewhere we shouldn’t be and it’s in a negative place! Good thing Jesus can pull us out of that hole hahaha! Happy Easter S&D!!!

  15. Stephanie

    It’s been 3 years of struggling with my choice in career. And it’s about to be 2 years in which I went from radical atheist to giving my life to God. Sometimes I feel like He’s condemning me to a life of waiting for my breakthrough in being an occupational therapist. I’ve gotten rejection after rejection from grad schools. I’m exhausted. However, recently I did get an interview from a grad school. It’s highly competitive, but God revealed to me just a few nights ago, “if I have risen people from the dead, you think that a decision is something I can’t grant you favor in?”. I know the desires that He has put in my heart, I know how and what I want to do with this profession to glorify God. I know who He wants me to reach out to and my vision on this profession has gone from small and narrow-minded to BIG and doing it for His glory. I just need ONE chance. ONE “Yes”. Please pray for my “YES” if it’s His will. In Jesus’s name.

  16. I don’t like my job. I know it is only temporary until I graduate and get something else. I struggle to do another day of it, let alone another year. I want to appreciate everything that I have, but I just can’t. I do the job to the best of my ability like God said in Colossians 3:23. I just feel guilty and I don’t know what to think anymore. I want to be happy with any job I get. Am I wrong thinking this?

    • Hey Lola, I wanted to reach out because I understand your struggle. I struggled with it for a year and a half at my own job. I work with students with autism and it can get really intense. I’m at my kitchen table at the moment, treating my hand from the gashes of a student who attacked a coworker of mine and he ended attacking me too. It doesn’t make it easier when the staff at my job can also be difficult at times. But what recently was like a lightbulb moment to me was the revelation I got from the Messenger’s podcast with the episode “How to Handle God’s Promises”. In it, Sara Truppo spoke about doing the little things everyday that God entrusts you with BEFORE He is able to give you bigger things to handle. What has given me reassurance about where I am at my job is that I have declared that this season..this only temporary and that I have to live it to my fullest. God works with us through obedience. He wants nothing more than to give us what He desires for us, but He can only take that step when we decide to take it with Him. And now I embrace every situation, I walk with a smile on my face and really take every minute in because I can’t be guaranteed the next. And I’m not perfect, believe me. I still have moments of frustration, but I ask God to forgive me, knowing His bountiful grace and I try again. He doesn’t ask you to be perfect, He just wants you to surrender those stresses to Him and be obedient in where He has put you at this moment.

      God, I’m praying for my sister Lola right now. I know that her heart is feeling heavy with her job, that she might feel stressed, that some days she might have woken up dragging herself to get to work. Philippians 4:13 says that Lola can do all things through You who gives her STRENGTH and so I declare that over her life in Jesus’s name. That the blood of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit covers her everyday she wakes and heads to work. That You bless her with peace and joy and that you comfort her in knowing that this is a temporary season. That her presence emanates Your presence. That her coworkers see something different in her and wonder what it is and seek You through it. That she walks in victory and authority and grace through You. I pray promotion and that the more she obeys, the more You bless with the desires and dreams You have for her life. In Jesus’s Mighty Name. Amen 🙏🏽

  17. So simple but so powerful, amen!

  18. I was in a worship service Friday night and this picture came to me. Then I watched your video today and it was saying the same thing. Here is my notes from that night. The father hearts perspective: I see him running and running and running to us. The father was waiting for me to come embrace him. That sweet embrace of affection. The anticipation. All the emotion. Balled up in the hug of a lifetime. This is who He is a father waiting for us to come and embrace him. Daily. Moment by moment. Day and night, night and day let our incense rise. Why? Because you are worthy of it all🙌🏼

  19. Receiving Love of God… knowing what it really means to be a daughter He’s delighted in… Fear I won’t ever get out of this rut and become the woman He calledme to be. Afraid I’ll never realize His love … afraid I won’t experience breakthrough… afraid I won’t truly know who I am deep down in my soul.

  20. Recently, it’s been with depression. I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall with certain habits I want to change and the ways I’ve been thinking about myself. I know who I am in Christ, but I want to know it in a way where it isn’t even a questionable.

  21. I haven’t even watched the video yet and know this is what I needed. We don’t realize how important it is to recognize our way of thinking and see if it lines up with who God is. If it doesn’t, we need breakthrough.
    Even though I grew up in the church, a lot of growth is still needed through my relationship with God versus relying on head knowledge and a religious mindset. I’m just so amazed how much of our lives is impacted by our minds. Looking forward to watching the video!

  22. Ive been praying for a breakthrough towards my relationship with my sister. It’s been rough for years but has recently gotten worse. I just feel stuck and feel like I’ve done everything I can do to try to makes things better. Would love for this brick wall that I keep hitting to crumble, so I can rebuild a better relationship with my sister. There’s still hope for us, I can feel it!

  23. Please pray for fears, limitations, manipulations and intimidations. Also for God to give me courage, strength and provide resources as I am working with a team of volunteers organising a Gala Ball to support A21 on 8 June at the Sheraton. Thank you so much 😊

  24. If you guys could please keep me in prayer:
    I feel the topic you listed have to do with me and I am definitely battling and seeking God on what he says about theses things. I know the calling he’s placed on my life and the desire he’s put in my heart too, unfortunately that doesn’t tell me where to go to school or what step to take next in ministry. And the Bible says a lot about what love is and how that should be modeled and what a biblical marriage should be and how to live in purity while dating but not who to pick or how to know that person is for you. I’m seeking God on if this person who loves God first and is pursuing me is someone I should be dating or if I am keeping them from someone that could be “the one” for them. Sin is also a temptation that comes and goes but I know my victory, however I want to see and feel what God feels on this matter so I fight for righteousness and purity like never before. I need a break-through. I admit it. Thank you for letting me know I can ask for one. Please keep me in prayer 🙏🏼

    Thank you,
    Farrah Beth D Ghosn

  25. This is so good! For years I have struggled with knowing my purpose in life and how that can translate in a career. About 2 years ago I started a prayer journal as a way to connect with God and used it to pray about life circumstances. Recently I found myself struggling with some of the same fears about purpose that I’ve had in the past.

    I recently found that journal and read through it. My response was laughter, tears, thankfulness and joy because the things I was so worried about and asked the Lord to give me an answer about had all been fulfilled. By writing down my prayers and talking to God through journaling it has allowed me to reflect and be reminded of the faithfullness and righteousness of the God we serve.

  26. Love you guys!! What an awesome word!! God bless you for drilling in each of us the mindset of sons and from India.. Anna

  27. Thank you x calling/direction

  28. 🙌🏼😭
    That’s spoken to me immeasurably.

  29. Amazing video and very timely in my situation. I am in the moment of God is strengthening my faith using testings since December until now and I appreciate the move of God in my life because His burden is light. I know He wants me to grow. I have testings in my family because I am the only believer as of this moment but, I have faith that sooner God will use my family to bring glory for His name. I need to make major decisions regarding in my career and business. I’ve been praying for a husband for almost 16 years and I pray that God will continue to mold me to be a suitable helper. With regards to my ministry I desire growth of our intimacy with God and multiplication.The most priority of all is I desire breakthrough in my relationship with the Father. I wanna encounter Him beyond what I am encountering now. I desire to hear the Holy Spirit in these areas of my life and I believe He is the Spirit of Truth and He will reveal only the truth. Thanks for prayers. God bless You Sons and Daughters Team.

  30. Brittny Pauls

    Awesome message!!!! I related so much to the emotions you expressed you have had in the past. Currently I’m in a school of revival and we are learning how to breakthrough toxic mindsets through the process of Rhema. I’ve received so much healing in the past few months it’s amazing and very much supernatural! I love a message that has a practical application to my life so my question for you today is : What did you do in your own life with the truth and scripture you have received? For example did you meditate on the truth and scripture or did you declare out over your life? What are the practical steps that lead you into breakthrough?

    Regarding my breakthrough, God has been birthing in me a passion and desire to speak into teenagers and young adults about their identity and purpose God has for them. It’s a passion on my heart that everyone would realize they are made perfect and are loved unconditionally by our Father in Heaven. This has been something that I have had to fight for constantly to keep my mind aligned with my Dad but I have received breakthrough and look forward for more breakthrough!!! Anyways I apologize I got a little off track I would like breakthrough in more knowledge of what this would look like in my life. I am also looking towards breakthrough in finances and healing. Any prayer and answers to my questions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much,

  31. This was a timely post for me, particularly as it pertains to calling and career. I’m currently looking for new work. I think during transitions like this, it’s important to intentionally look into the nature of God—like what you were saying about the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Knowing the true nature of God helps deal with doubtful thoughts about oneself and refocuses us on His sufficiency and power that is at work in us. Thanks so much for all the posts you and your team are making, it’s really been an encouragement to my heart!

  32. This was so good! I have been struggling recently with my calling. I’m a sophomore in college and I am not happy with my major, registration for next year is coming up so I need to change it soon. I just want to choose whichever path brings God the most glory and with what is aligned with His will. I have been praying about it, but still feel lost. This post helped me realize I might just be overthinking it all.

  33. Stephanie

    Those lies are so crazy and destructive and the enemy has used them on so many of us, but God’s truth is SO much stronger! I love that the more we talk about God’s truth the less room there is in us for the devil’s lies to work! Holy Spirit gets full reign and miracles and He presence become the new normal! The thing I have been SO amazed to be learning is the difference between God’s truth and natural human truth. Jesus said, “I Am The Truth.” Before the conversation about truth even started I was already so frustrated about all the lies, but there is a truth or I like to call it God’s supernatural intervention because He is actively involved and working things out in ways that we never could on our own! When The Truth is involved the impossible become possible and that is worth more than all the self effort apart from God ever will be! I also remember fearing I had lost God, but I am SO grateful that is not true! 🔥

  34. Thanks Austin, I always appreciate how you combine your experiences together with God’s Word to give realistic encouragement to us 👍🏾

  35. Monica Lewis

    I am dealing with not being able to make a concrete decision especially regarding big “life decisions” its like I’m afraid of what might happen… Like I want this security net if it’s wrong… I know I have to get out of this mindset or I won’t move forward, develop into the woman I know God wants me to be… so thanks this is encouraging and exactly what I needed to hear. Going to take your advice and continue to get alone with God…and be vulnerable

  36. Once again, another great video!!! I’d mentioned on another video how even though I’m struggling with discouragement over a change in God’s plan for me that I’m still pushing through. It’s been 3 months now and over the last week, I’ve felt so lost. I’m still pushing through and last night I decided to read through the book of Romans, one chapter at a time. I began my day by doing my normal 3 daily devotions, all of which were on Romans 12:2. I laughed at this, shook my head and KNOW I’m heading for the right place. I read Ch. 1 and now, this afternoon, what’s the first scripture you read on video? Romans 12:2. I’ve got to say, God works through so many people and ways to get us to the right place. Thanks, Austin!

  37. Much needed post Austin. Long story short my mom and dad are divorced and neither of them are serving the Lord right now. I’ve been living with my aunt and uncle (devout Christ followers) for the last 7 months. My mom really wants me to move back in with her but because her worldview is so opposite of what Jesus taught, I’m finding that by honoring God I dishonor my mom. I know that not knowing the details makes giving advice difficult, but anything can help.

  38. Great video!

  39. Amazing!!!!!