I hope these stories of what’s happening in our world inspire and encourage you. I want you to know that Jesus is touching lives here and now. There’s power when He walks into a room. Whether it’s a prayer group, a train station, or a home, when Jesus walks in everything changes.

I love the reaction of the Swedish pastor, “Jesus never appears to us, and we are the ones praying for them.”

How often do we feel that way? Think about it . . . Do we find ourselves believing things would be so much easier if Jesus would literally walk into our situations? But here’s the thing, we have Scripture, the written Word, which reveals Jesus, the Word made flesh.

If we believe this to be true, then a conversation with Jesus is as close as Scripture. God gave us His Word because we are His ambassadors. Jesus was an ambassador of heaven who came to earth, and now He has empowered us to represent God’s kingdom on this earth. Ambassadors represent a kingdom on foreign soil. That’s why when we walk into a room, God’s kingdom walks in with us.

Regardless of what room you find yourself in—whether it’s your school, home, workplace, etc.—remember that the Spirit of Christ will energize your life and bring His grace and truth into your circumstances. We just need to have eyes to see and a willingness to obey.




  1. Natalie Hill

    My family has many stories. We had been through many trials and He showed up on several occasions. I would love to share them. Our family is still praying about the platform we share our stories to encourage others. Jesus is all He says He is. ❤️

  2. I’ve already comment my story to another media but I would like to tell more from it… I was born in Iraq my family and I were refugees I was 3 years old when we moved to Germany and since then we live here.

    We belonged to a religion which is called yezidis. This religion worships the devil but it’s hidden and people don’t speak about this point…. you can’t convert to this religion or leave it if you do this they are allowed to kill you no matter where you are…

    My dad was really really strict and well known in Iraq and we also have a lot of family members living in Germany so it was so important to my dad that my siblings and I would stand in that religion at that time we didnt know that it was the main religion of the devil we believed in God and we thougt we were right…

    we had so many problems the worst of it was that my dad was abusive and was beating my mother for no reason….I was praying hardly I had strong faith but as much as I prayed the worst it became… meanwhile we got connected to Jehovah’s Witnesses I had so may questions and a strong desire to know who their God was and when they started to talk about the devil I was speechless because it was the fallen Angel which the yezidis belived in… from that day on I stopped calling any names of the “Gods”. But I also didnt got my answers from Jehovah’s Witnesses so I just called the name God.

    Time after time my dad broke the connection to the Jehovah’s Witnesses because he was scared that we want to know more… anyway I thought if we got older he will stop beating her but he was worst and there was no help for us we called the police we moved to a woman’s shelter…. NO ONE AND NOTHING helped we tryed everything… so we went back to him one day he was beating her badly and I said God I don’t pray to you anymore if you exist show me the way and I will follow…

    6 years ago in October I had a classmate who was a Christian and thought well a Christian like everyone but she truly lived what she belived so I was curious about that fact and I started to ask her everything I kept deep inside and God spoke through her and she gave me a bible I put it away and didn’t pay attention to it at all….one day my dad was fighting again with my Mum and I went to my room and said…. God I need you to speak to me and opened my bible it was in Matthew and it was totally speaking to my situation… after a few days my classmate said do you want to give your life to Jesus… I had such a battle in my head as but I did it and I felt a peace a lightness like never before I had a bit a love it was so real….

    I was so exited to go home the first thing I did I told my mother about it and she was like stopped nothing helped us I’ve spent 28 years of marriage like that and you saw nothing happened she had no hope…. it was the same for my siblings (3 sisters 3 brothers) and I said you will see this is going to be diffrent…

    A few month later I wanted to get baptised and my mother was so worried about me because I was signing up my dead but just a week before it God changed everything. In that week we had huge huge fights and decision to make so my Mother had an encounter with God.

    In May 2012 my Mother gave her life to Christ at that time we were in big danger people where standing in front of our door we’ve got calls from Iraq but the PRAYERS IN JESUS NAME kept them a way. My mother was willing to keep the relationship but my Dad said you need to decide between Jesus or me and she said I want Jesus

    And now 6 years ago my 3 Sisters and my Mother are believers my Dad and my brothers decided to leave us… Jesus said that thus will happen and it’s ad and I do miss my brothers and we all have forgiven my dad.

    This is God who is a mirical working God who made the impossible possible he has chosen us as woman to speak up for woman in that culture….

    • Arden Bevere

      Wow! Thank you so much for sharing! That is incredible, so encouraged to hear your stand and how God has impacted your life. Please keep in touch with us and let us know if there is anything we can do.

  3. Thank you for your encouragements to remind me that Jesus is in me in all circumstances 🙂

  4. Geneva Chupp

    Beautiful, inspiring stories. I love this so much❤ The heart for signs, wonders & miracles to happen in this generation is amazing! Yes, Jesus🙌

  5. These testimonies are incredible Lisa !! Thank you so much for sharing them.

  6. Leah Harley

    A few months ago I was just really craving the Holy Spirit to experience him. I could always feel him in a room but never in me. One Sunday my whole church was at the alter and the pastors wife just started going around praying for people one by one ( I have a small church) then she came to me and just started prophecying over me. At first it was uncomfortable in the sense that I wasn’t expecting it to happen but I think that’s the beauty of God is he pushes you out of your comfort zone and when your standing there feeling uncomfortable he wraps his arms around you and shows you comfort. So as I’m standing there te Holy Spirit begins speaking to me through her and she said, “ I see you sitting there on your bed” and I was like “ Woah how did you know that” then I felt this comforting feeling that it was the Holy Spirit, and he then reminded me all the days and nights I had spent lying on my bed in the quiet reading, seeking, and trying to understand God. And hearing those words became reassurance for me that the Holy Spirit is really there. After that experience I began weeping because that was all I felt led to do. God truly is amazing!

  7. Thanks for sharing!

    When Jesus walks into the room nothing matters more than just worship Him with all our lifes.

    I remember when I was at the beginning of my college. I didn’t know anyone and I was in a group of WhatsApp talking with the people of my class. The main topic of the conversation was the Carnival (a festival here in Brazil). I just said that I don’t like this kind of thing and a person asks me if I am a Christian and said other things like that. I said yes. He immediately said “I can see it from afar”. “Wow! That’s crazy! How can he see it? He don’t know me. I never talk to him.” I thought. And after that, the thoughts like I am walking as Jesus walked (like in 1 John 2:6) and sometimes our actions speak louder than our voices. I remembered Acts 11, when was the first time that the disciples were called Christians. The people called them! Not the disciples who had called themselves. The people saw the Grace of God through them. The disciples really made a difference in Antioch.

    About my testimony, the people recognized something different in me and it was Jesus. His glory. His light shining on me. I never told them that I was a Christian or talked about Jesus. They just saw Jesus through my actions. And there’s nothing good in me. I have not a super power either. But because of Jesus I live and also because of the moment when He walked into the room, everything changed in me. I know that without him, I can do nothing. Because of this I can share the gospel not only with my voice, but also with my whole life.

    I really hope my testimony has encouraged you all, as well as encourages me every day to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and walk with him.

    Christ in us is the hope of the glory!

    I love the song of Bryan and Katie Torwalt called “When You walk into the room”. This song definetely describes everything about that. May God bless you and S&D team, Arden!

  8. Amazing God is good 😊

  9. man, when I watched Lisa’s instagram stories in Sweden’s conference showing just a little bit about theses stories I got so eager to hear more about them that I searched online about it and prayed that somehow Lisa would share them more and Jesus answered it.

    I’m so happy, thank you Lisa ! Theses stories are really encouraging. It is so beautiful to see the love of Christ so tangible like that nowadays. This makes me wanna pray more and more.

  10. That is so amazing and beautiful!! Specially the story that your mom shared with the refugee and his family. I remember when I got saved and saw that Jesus walked into my room… those moments are so hard for me to describe. You will never forget this encounter and the precense of him is …I have a hard time to describe his presence it makes me cry…it’s true when he comes not only does he change your life he also changes hearts. He knows every single person and he encounters people so different and in very special way. That’s what I love about our God. God has many ways to encounter people but is always the same. Pure LOVE. Pure ACCEPTANCE. Pure GRACE. Pure JOY. Pure UNDERSTANDING. It’s pure and perfect. It’s Jesus. All the glory and honor belongs to him alone.

  11. How brilliantly exciting! What wonderful glimpses into what our Father is up to. What a joy and delight to be part of the body, to have the Holy Spirit within us.
    It makes me think of one of my favourite sections of scripture Is. 42:6-9 “I, the Lord have called You in righteousness, And will hold Your hand; I will keep You and give You as a covenant to the people, As a light to the Gentiles, To open blind eyes, To bring out prisoners from the prison, Those who sit in darkness from the prison house. I am the Lord, that is My name; And My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise to carved images. Behold, the former things have come to pass, And new things I declare; Before they spring forth I tell you of them.”
    I am thrilled that God is who He is, that He is passionate about His glory and especially that He is sovereign. God will bring such goodness from the refugee crisis, an opportunity for radical heart healing, freeing, redemptive change. Fellow Sons and Daughters we watch with growing expectation!

  12. I also have a personal testimony. It is not about refugees, but I think it is worth sharing 😀

    When I was 8 years old I woke up one night and notice that the lights of the kitchen room were on. I thought my dad was awake because he used to get up to read in the middle of the night when he was sleepless. I also thought my mom was awake because I felt someone fluffing the pillow that was next to my feet (she always did that also).

    At this moment I was wide awake and decided to get up and go to the bathroom. I sat in my bad and saw a man standing in front of my bad. I looked to my mom and dad and they were both sleeping. The man had a staff in his hand and he was wearing a typical Jewish clothe (like a tunic or something).

    I immediately knew that that man was Jesus. I didn’t know Jesus back then, not as I know him now. I was only living a religion, not a personal relationship with God. I don’t remember what happened after I saw him (I think he made me fall asleep again). He didn’t say anything. I felt peace, but I didn’t understand why he appeared to me.

    I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour almost 9 years later when a dear friend invited me to go to church with her. One day I was reading Psalm 23:4, which says: “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me”.

    I immediately remember the night I saw Jesus holding a staff in his hand!

    After reading Psalm 23 that day I understood why Jesus appeared to me: he wanted me to know that He was with me, that He was comforting me.

    Back then, I was going through the darkest valley. My dad was very ill and he passed away 3 years later. I was also suffering bullying at school at this time. It was all at once and my world was falling apart, but knowing that Jesus was with me all along really comforts me.

    This experience gives me strength even today because it is wonderful to know that He is always with me, even in the darkest valley.

    I definitely believe that when Jesus walks into a room everything changes…

  13. Dahlia Azadi

    here’s my story:
    I was born in Iran,a Muslim country a dark country..I’m 18 & I believe in Jesus since I was 9. My life was too hard like we didn’t have money even for a bread and my parents was like always fighting together..It was crazy! One day my sister and I were watching TV..It was a show about Jesus..the man on the show (his name is Reza Safa) said “Jesus saves, He is the only way, He is Lord, He is peace, He is everything that you need!” He said where the sin came from and how Jesus saved us! We just shocked and was like Wait What?!!! We prayed with that man of God on tv and believed. We also prayed about our financial issues.. then said Amen in Jesus name! afternoon someone came to our home and gave us some money and said it’s yours. My sister and I was like what? He answered our prayer with this. That’s it. Jesus is Lord!! My parents was like what? no He is just a prophet… But we always talked about Jesus at home, my dad was so mad at us and said I don’t want you as my children anymore…we were just always pray for them… our life was like literally changed ..and they knew it was because of Jesus. finally my parents accepted Jesus as their Lord too.
    I was12 ..One day my sister told me that God says “are you willing to take up your cross and follow me?” I said what? It means I’ve to leave my family, friendsoh no I can’t! (I was a child.lol) then I was beginning to grow in faith, I spoke about Jesus to everyone even at school… My dad told me if anyone knows that we’re Christian, it’ll be so dangerous!(if someone believes in Jesus in Iran, is sentenced to death Because it’s a Muslim country.) I said I don’t care. I don’t deny my God anyway! (I was 14)Then God said again: “are you willing to take up your cross and follow me? This time I said Yes Lord, I’m ready! ..just leave my school, and forced to flee from the country because of my faith, and finally I had to leave my parents, my brother and friends.. Now my sister and I, are refugees in Turkey for 3 years! didn’t go to school for 4 years thou.. I said God what I have to do here! I just got a book : “Driven By Eternity” by John Bevere. I just started to read this book and then all of the books by John And Lisa Bevere! In the past 3yrs just at home all days And read these amazing books. You know they’re not just some books but LIFE CHANGE FOREVER! There’s no words to explain how God changed and blessed me and my life through these books. You know “we make it our goal to please Him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it” (2Co5:9) I just wonder that how great is our God and how He’s working.

    • Arden Bevere

      Dahlia, you are so brave! My whole family has been so deeply touched by your story and your stand for God. Thank you for sharing, I am believing that others will read this and be encourage as I am. Keep fighting the good fight and standing up for God and never in with society.

  14. I’m Swedish, and I know that church, and have been there a few times! So cool that you’re sharing stories from my “neighborhood”. And the train story is so insane, because Uppsala is literally the only place in Sweden where you can ask people on the street “Where the place where people have their hands in the air?” and they will direct you to church.

  15. Wow, just wow! These testimonies and stories have given me so many chills, I think I’ve turned into a goose! I Love to hear about amazing moments that glorify God!!! I’m going Right this very second to spread the Word and these stories to my family and everyone I see, because that’s how amazing The Father’s love is! I get So excited to seek God above all else, because I know how Great His works are!
    Thank y’all for sharing, SonsandDaughters is Exactly what I need to hear/see/read In life, and I’m so honored to have amazing brothers and sisters in Christ who spread the Word like Wildefire! Have a Blessed day!!

  16. I loved this post! Thank you for sharing!

    My “when God walks in the room” moment was when I was miraculously healed of chronic illness two and a half years ago. I had be a believer for many years, but when I got to college I fell in love with Holy Spirit. After years of battling chronic illness (brain surgery included), I had begun to meet with two of my professors for weekly prayer.

    Several months later, I was speaking at a conference about hearing God’s voice. My body was in PURE PAIN. I asked for the other speakers I was with to pray for me, and when they laid hands on me I felt the tangible fire of God move from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. And friends, Jesus showed up! Right there on the sidewalk in New York City…and I was completely healed!!!!!

    I have never faced a day of chronic pain since that beautiful moment! Holy Spirit released a wildfire in my life, and I have seen countless miracles since that day, in my own life and the lives of those around me. Now I am a Young Adults pastor in Ohio, and just spend my days overwhelmed with the kindness of God to build His Kingdom through us.

    But the most important lesson I have learned through all of this is that miracles are not about a “show”. God doesn’t simply want to give us an experience; He wants to give us His heart. And now my prayer for our generation is that when we get to Heaven it will look familiar because we saw enough of it here on Earth.

    Sending love and prayers to all of the Sons and Daughters team,

    • Arden Bevere

      Yare so right that He doesn’t just want to give us an experience but His heart so that we bring heaven to earth now! I love that!

  17. In December 2015, I was reading this devotional one night and I remember I kept reading it because it was so good. There was this scripture in the book, 2 Chronicles 5:14 it said this, “The priests could not continue their service because of the cloud, for the glorious presence of the Lord filled the Temple of God.” It sparked my attention, and I immediately went to my Bible and read the chapter.

    2 Chronicles 5:13 & 14 “The trumpeters and singers performed together in unison to praise and give thanks to the Lord. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals, and other instruments, they raised their voices and praised the Lord with these words: “He is good! His faithful love endures forever!” At that moment a thick cloud filled the Temple of the Lord. The priests could not continue their service because of the cloud, for the glorious presence of the Lord filled the Temple of God.”
    ‭‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭5:13-14‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    After reading this, I prayed and asked God that we would experience Him like in these verses of scripture. Not just for me but for our entire youth ministry. Fast forward a few weeks to camp.. It was during our 3rd service after the first song, one of the worship leaders opens her Bible and reads this exact verse… and we saw the Spirit of God move in that place, corporately. God gave young people visions, we saw healing.. people encountering the Holy Spirit. We saw a side of God we hadn’t seen before. It was beautiful.

    • Arden Bevere

      That is amazing Emily!! So encouraging to hear, believing for more experiences like this for you all and this generation!