God has used dreams to speak to people since the beginning of time. Dreams have foretold future events and inspired many amazing inventions.

I was super excited to do this post. Honestly, before actually gathering my thoughts, I figured my college classes and sleeping every night would suffice for the knowledge to create a great post. But I was wrong. The more I dug into dreams, the more I realized how big and amazing they are. I even called a Rabbi to see if there are interesting nuances on dreaming in the Hebrew language. I started getting lost in all the wonderful information I was learning. I can’t cover all of it here, so be sure to spend some time learning about dreams after reading this post.

For now, I’m going to focus on one important question: How can we hear from God while we sleep?  

God has spoken to me a lot through dreams. And I would love to share two things I’ve learned (from personal experience and Scripture) on how to invite God into your dreams.

Also, I highly encouraged you to watch the video before you continue reading . . .

Just Ask

Before you fall asleep tonight simply ask God to speak to you. This may seem too easy, but it’s very powerful. You don’t need to have some special gifting to hear from God—you just need to ask.

Also, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a crazy prophetic dream or hear from God right away. The fact that you’ve invited God to be with you as you dream is massively important. I don’t have many prophetic dreams, but at least my nights are set apart for God.

Decompress Your Day

What I mean when I say “decompress your day” is to spend contemplative time with God. As I mentioned in the video, a great example of this is found in Daniel.

Daniel was a man who was distinguished above everyone else in the kingdom of Babylon. He was so wise that King Nebuchadnezzar made him a ruler of the kingdom, second only to himself. The reason Daniel got to this position was that he was able to understand dreams. He deciphered multiple dreams for the king and sometimes without the king even telling him what he dreamed. But Daniel was only able to understand these dreams because he was spending time with God daily.

Just like Daniel, we need to spend time with God, which positions us to understand our dreams. So dedicate time each night to decompress through prayer and getting into God’s Word.

Tip: I did a post on my nighttime routines and how I decompress and focus my mind (post 017). So if you need more help with this step, make sure to check that out.

Action Step

You’ve probably already guessed this week’s action step. Simply ask God to speak to you as you sleep.

Closing Thoughts

As I said at the beginning of this post, there is a lot when it comes to dreaming, and I know I didn’t answer some of your questions. In the future, I may do another post with a dream expert who I found during my research. But I believe following these two steps—asking and decompressing—will set you up to hear from God in your dreams. I’m excited to hear your stories.

Dream on!


If you’re interested in hearing the podcast of Rabbi Brian with Lisa Bevere, just click on the link below.




  1. Jasmine Peddy

    I have always had a very active dream life (not sure if that is the right term?). However, most of my dreams are scary, “bad”, or weird dreams. I often wake up feeling very emotional or flustered or confused, heart racing, sometimes crying, sweating, it just depends. Other times my dreams seem perfectly “normal” and I have had prophetic dreams for other people before.
    I guess my question is, can bad/weird dreams also be messages from God? Or should I be specifically praying for which dreams to have? I want my mind to be guarded while I sleep, but also to be open to receiving and hearing from God.

  2. The timing of stumbling across this is confirmation of Papa’s intentionality and constant interaction in my life.
    I just recently started having dreams-that I can remember-after about an 8 year period of “not dreaming” (so maybe a wonderful sign that my mind is finally decompressing enough to do so!). The past few have been about meeting my future husband and I’m super skeptical about that, and was tempted to dismiss them entirely (aside from asking my wise mentors to keep it in prayer)so it’s ironic that your video would come up in this specific time.
    My God’s so cool I love Him so much!
    Thanks for putting in your time researching to share on this and thanks for the Rabbi bit too.

  3. It’s crazy that I stumbled upon this post today. I recently started reading a book about sleep and how God uses our sleeping time to ”download” His messages and impart truths and revelations to us. I’ve and I’ve had prophetic dream since I can remember. i’ve also battled with night terrors since I can remember. In reading the book, I’ve learned that God owns both the day and the night and that He desires for us all to sleep peacefully and for us to hear from Him as we sleep. Thank you for posting your message because this only confirms everything I’ve been studying lately! You’re very wise man! May God continue to bless you and fill you with insight!

  4. Judy Baron

    Thank you for your post! I am on my 23rd day of dreaming and journaling each one, every day I am dreaming and I am so excited because I do know God is speaking to me. Some dreams are very significant and I can translate but some are like movies in space and wars, the sea Spliting for me and a truck turning into a ship in the middle of oceans. Some are crazy and wild that I dont quiet understand, but a lot of them are normal and easy to interpret. I am reading and spending lots of time with God but I was wondering if you have more information about interpretation? I am asking God to give more wisdom and help me understand all these dreams, not sure where God is taking me on this journey yet! Would love to hear if you have any comment or know if someone that is dreaming everyday and remembering the dreams like I am?
    Thank you for your video and info it was great knowing that all that you said I was actually going g and the result is wonderful.
    Judy Baron

  5. Jasminhadasah


  6. Thank you for being a vessel that God uses, this post was definitely something I needed to hear. For some time now I have been asking God to speak to me in my dreams and I would pray and pray and wouldn’t see that prayer answered. But as I came across this blog you spoke about what we need to do before going to sleep in order for God to speak, and I say thank you because after seeing this video I was able to pray once again and that night the Lord spoke to me in my dream and surely it was an answered prayer.

    God bless you and your family.

  7. Great post!!! I’ve been asking God for more dreams, and I’ve dreamed a lot lately, but am not sure if they’re actually from the Lord or not. Would you maybe post something about dream interpretation? There’s so much about it out there, and I don’t know what is genuine or not. Thanks a lot!!!

  8. Hey S&D. I recently decided to not look at my phone or TV or any screens before bed for about two weeks now. A few days ago I was in a deep sleep and had a vivid dream with regards to my physical healing. The dream was a manifestation of Gods healing in my body. Even tho it’s been 7 years after a brain tumour removal God is still restoring and healing me (despite the doctors saying otherwise) This dream was a boost for my faith to keep pressing in for my 100%.
    Thank you for taking the time looking into dreams. It is a good gift to desire from God.
    Thanks again!!

  9. Dear brother, thanks for sharing your valuable insgihts about how god deals with each of us by speaking through dreams. However, ever since i have recommitted myself to the lord, he started speaking to me through dreams, moreover he even foretold about thw future events specifically about my job promotion. Nevertheless, I often find difficulty to comprehend what god is actually trying to convey through dreams. I have been sharing these spiritual conundrums with my fellow chrristians to get the interpretation from them. But most of the times i fail to get answers about it. Therefore, I believe here I would be able to get answers for all the doubts which i may have pertaining to me dreams. Thank you. God continue to use this complete team of yours mightily ans let him alone be glorified.

  10. This is an excellent and timely post as God has been speaking to me in dreams for a number of years. I have been asking God for more revelation about dreams. Thank you for seeking the Lord about this subject and sharing what you have learnt.

  11. I’m loving everything you said, So much of it spoke light years to me…(figuratively and actually).. Anyway, I completely believe in how The Lord will speak to you(anyone), through dreams. I once had a dream filled with hope, I truly believe that the enemy was trying to shake me of any truth during a troubling moment of uncertainty within my dream. But I know that My God is Bigger, and I chose to not have fear, and instead to trust in The Lord. He is my strength. Basically my dream went something like this… (I was at a party, walking through these long dark halls, there were some aweful screeching demonic like sounds in the dark… I couldn’t see anyone or anything, but I could feel the presence of The Holy Spirit beside me. So I ended up at this huge cellar, and felt an evil wall sized thing before me, in my dream I knew that as soon as I spoke The Lord’s Name, it would flee, because it had No authority near me. So I reached out, placed my hand on it, and said “Be gone in Jesus Name!”, and out of the dark walked a little girl with sweet blonde curls, she hugged me and I instantly knew it was Jesus showing me He is bigger. We walked out in Peace, because through Him, we can do all things. The war has been WON. God is bigger, and all we need to do is reach out. Loved this post Alec, and all Sonsanddaughters… Keep loving Jesus, and doing great works for His Kingdom! He works through and in you!

  12. I need REM sleep so God can show me what last night’s dream meant 😂😂 Thanks Alec for your practical approach on this subject–God dreams are the best!

  13. Madison O.

    This was excellent, Alec. Thank you! Shortly before I watched this video, I was flipping through my Bible to get to Amos (for a devotional I’m currently doing) and in the process came across a passage in Daniel that’s really cool and made me pause (Daniel 10… specifically verses 12 and 18-19. Incredible verses I’ve never noticed before). My Bible was still laying open in front of me with those verses in Daniel now highlighted when I watched the video…so as soon as I heard you mention Daniel I had to smile 😊

    Anyway, I’m definitely going to take your advice to just ask and to decompress… I love what you said about your nights being set apart for God. I want that too. Excited to see how God may speak to me! 😊

  14. This was spot on with everything that’s been going on around me lately. Thank you for sharing, I definitely needed to hear this at this exact moment. It’s so amazing how God can speak to us through anything and everything! Y’all are doing a great job, keep it up S&D!

  15. Always longed to hear the voice of God & now I believe a dream works just the same:) praying God guides me more & more through dreams. Alec you are like Joseph of old! Also Nice Shia gif lol

  16. Dahlia Azadi

    SO GOOD AB3! COME ON you are a dreamer!!
    That’s what my Dad, my sister and I, do before sleep. God speaks to me through the dreams a lot. You know God’s voice I mean literally His voice, I can hear clearly in my dreams. God’s Himself voice. ask for literally His voice too cuz wow nothing like that bye.

  17. This was incredibly helpful. I have really vivid dreams and by studying about prophecy and seeking revelation from the Holy Spirit, I’ve had to learn how to test when a dream is from God > an attack. Protecting my dream life led to significant changes in my day life. Thanks for opening up this discussion to young people. Keen to learn more and relieved to know I’m not alone!

  18. Sydney Bacon

    This is fab!

    I show yall’s videos weekly at our young adults group and open up for discussion, thank you for making these, for always being open, honest, and transparent!

    I seriously appreciate it and I’m so grateful for each new post!

  19. Lizzie.Caron

    Good insight, simply asking God for dreams, it is so simple but something I started doing occasionally last fall. Something that has helped me prepare myself when asking is to open my journal and write the date and leave it open with the pen on top. Going to bed expectant, has helped me.

    I have been having prophetic dreams every couple months for years but wasn’t faithful to write them down, and was in a church that had never talked about dreams, so I just thought I was crazy. Then at one point I was listening to podcasts and reading Acts 2:17 and I got a little gutsy, and said okay God, young people can have dreams, lets do it. Lucky we serve a God who likes gutsy kids!

    Cool quick story, right around when I started having dreams, I had a dream that included my best friend (who lives 34 hours away) we were at a church, that I did not recognize, and there was some guy i had never met standing next to her and was there with us. Fast forward, 7 months, I had a spontaneous trip home for a funeral, went to church with my best friend and her boyfriend, of 4 months, whom I had never really met. It was that morning, where I went to the same church from the dream, and worshiped with my friend and the guy I didn’t know but was with us. Such a surreal feeling. Thanks for sharing Alec

  20. This is such a great post!! It’s amazing how important dreams are – I’ve realized this recently after changing my night schedule to cut out social media an hour or two before I go to bed. Immediately I started having what felt like “Déjà vu” dreams and later discovered I was re-dreaming the same dreams from when I was a child. At the same time some family members started having dreams about me as a child around the same time period. God speaks and answers in some incredible ways!
    Do you keep track of the dreams you are having or write them down?

  21. Rachel Swanepoel

    Early one Saturday morning, at the tender age of four, I went to my parents room. I told them I had had a strange dream. I had seen my Oupa (grandfather) and Jesus standing alongside one another in white robes. Jesus shone radiantly.

    At their feet was a dug up grave, the upturned soil lay to its side. A tombstone was at the head of the grave, though I did not fully comprehend its meaning. The dream was not harsh or morbid but rather colourful like a storybook. I then saw my Oupa and Jesus rise into heaven with a cloud.

    My parents were shocked and then cried. My Oupa had passed away the previous evening. My parents had kept the news from my brother and I, so that we would not be upset through the night. They would tell us that morning.

    From what I am told, it seems the two of us would have been incredibly close. I miss the thought of that relationship but have always had such peace over it. God, who sent that dream, comforted a young girl and in turn a family. He is so tenderly thoughtful in His love

    It is a delight to know that when I let go of the day and drift to sleep, He is there. The comfort and peace of Him is altogether wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing your dreamer’s heart, it allows me to be more intentional about the matter.

    Ps. What a beautiful walk in God’s creation.

    • Rachel,
      What a beautiful dream, thanks for sharing it! I’ve also had dreams that God used to heal my heart and I love hearing stories about how Jesus appears in dreams!
      A few years ago I had a dream where I was standing on a piece of driftwood in the ocean, I was terrified but saw a man watching me from the shore. It was Jesus, He walked out into the ocean, picked me up and put me in the ocean holding my head just above water. I was so paralyzed with fear I couldn’t move at all. He talked to me for a long time in the ocean, I don’t remember exactly what He said but I felt healing, peace and love coming from Him. Then He carried me along the shore until we got to a stairway. He put me on the top step and gave me instructions about how to get back home.
      There was more to this dream that I honestly still have a lot of questions about! But so far what I see in it is that Jesus is totally unlimited and creative in how He speaks. The moment I look for Him in any situation He wants to rescue me from fear and replace it with love!

      • Rachel Swanepoel

        Sara! What a beautiful dream, it reminds me so much of a poem I wrote. The ocean and healing metaphor! I would love to share it with you 😀

        There is a barren land

        where the self is the I Am

        A parched corpse

        Aimless in the desert

        Then I saw the trickle

        The Water’s unearthly gleam

        Flicker in my spirit

        it captivated me

        A touch, a taste

        An inmost need

        Where Water called

        to the waters within me

        Trickle to stream

        river to estuary

        At the end of the ground of me

        The ocean of Him, endless infinity

        Dimensions beyond comprehension

        letting go of preconceived notion

        I plunge into Truth depths

        A drop back into its Ocean

        Saturated satisfaction

        Joy seeps into me

        Such freedom within Him

        A part of His identity

        I move as He moves


        His current my path

        walks me into destiny

        His aim is my purpose

        His glory my delight

        His heaven within me

        Carrier of the Light

        – RHS

  22. Briana Graham

    This hits home for me! Thanks so much for sharing. I have some very vivid detailed dreams myself and I plan on learning more on dreaming. I struggle at times on figuring out how God speaks to me and I’ve been recently praying and asking God to speak to me through my dreams because they are so detailed so I’m excited to see what comes of this! Thanks again!

    • Hi Briana,
      I hope you’ve been pursuing communicating with Papa in this way. He’s totally dedicated to communicating with you and I’ll pray you have no doubts about his voice and love for you.

  23. I’ve been reading the book, “Hearing God through Your Dreams” by Mark Virkler and Charity Virkler Kayembe about this. For years I’ve had prophetic dreams and wrote them off as deja vu. It wasn’t until hearing an interview with the Virkler’s that I realized it was actually God speaking to me through dreams. Such a fascinating subject and so glad you touched on it. Keep on dreaming!

    • Veronica, isn’t it incredible that God absolutely loves communicating with you SO MUCH that’s He’s even doing it while you sleep! He’s crazy about you and so excited to be in relationship with you😍

  24. Im so blessed by this post today! Thank you for sharing your testimonies and knowledge with us. Im super pumped for what God is doing in our midst!

  25. Awesome👍…. I’ll try this today hopefully God will speak to me… thank you for sharing it 😊

  26. 👏👏👏

  27. Addison Bevere

    Alec, you are a dreamer!! It’s one of the things I love most about you. Proud of you, bro!