Last year, I got into a routine of reading my Bible every day. In fact, I had a streak of 81 days on the YouVersion Bible app. Pretty much every morning I was getting into Scripture. The habit looked good, but in my heart something felt off. (Not to mention my Bible reading was getting drier and duller.)

Around this time the Holy Spirit began to show me the importance of reading Scripture with His involvement. To help explain what I mean by this, take a look at these two verses. 

“Don’t answer the foolish arguments of fools,
or you will become as foolish as they are.”

“Be sure to answer the foolish arguments of fools, or they will become wise in their own estimation.”
– Proverbs 26:4, 5 |  NLT

Wait? What?! This seems like a contradiction . . . Which one is right?

This is a great example of why it’s so important to read the Word of God with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. He will illuminate to you which one is appropriate in your given circumstance. His revelation for you today might be completely different than the revelation He gives someone else who reads the same verses.

The Bible is infallible. It is perfect and without fault. However, it is also living. It is alive and active—sharper than any two-edged sword. When you read, don’t just look for principles. Principles by themselves can help, but God wants more than you just knowing principles. He wants a relationship with you. Seek out His presence as you read and allow Him to speak to you what He has for you today.

If you’ve found yourself in a place where Scripture reading has just become a chore, I’d encourage you to invite the Holy Spirit into your reading time. It’s as simple as saying before you read, “Holy Spirit, show me what You want to show me in Your Word.”

We’d love to hear from you, so take a moment to leave a comment about when the Holy Spirit revealed something to you that was beyond principles or the obvious meaning of a passage.


  1. im new to Sons and Daughters, and im already loving it!

    the story in Daniel 3 talks about these three man was firmly tied and threw into blazing fire, and all because they did not bow down to the foreign king. so the first time read this story was a year ago (maybe 2 years ago) and at the time I was very resisting towards my singleness and losing patient with God. while reading this story, and the verse “even if he doesn’t …” just hit me so strong. at the same time, I was like “wow, even if! I should love/serve/pursue God, even if I am single, even if Im not in a relationship, even if I will be single for a long time, and even if, my singleness will last till I see Jesus!” and that changed my attitude about what means to be a Christian (have “even if” faith)

    so about a month ago, I was in a terrible heartbreak situation. on my way drive home from evening class, listening worship songs, and one verse in that song is “I’ll walk through the fire and not be burned” I have listened to the same song over and over again, more than 50 times, but that time it took me to the same story. but this time my focus was not “even if” it was “God is with me in my heartbreak. His Spirit is IN me, and the Spirit is in this fire with me, im not all alone! yes, I am in the fire! but when it’s time to walk out from this fire, I will be more than just fine — I will experience the oneness with the Spirit” God is with me when I laugh/cry/excited/depressed, he feels exactly how I feel at the moment! only difference is He KNOWS what is coming after the emotion, and I need to TRUST in God for what is coming.

  2. Mukunzi Isaac

    Glad the Holy Spirit is able to give life to the word. I believe and pray he helps me see the same as I study the word.

  3. I interned with dla a couple years ago and every Tuesday we would corporately pray Eph 3:17-19. For almost 52 weeks we prayed the same verses. I’m not going to lie is was boring sometimes.

    After praying these verses for almost a year the it was finally time for the Despo. I was standing in the back of the room watching the first workshop session. When God said, “This is what you prayed for. That every heart would be rooted and established in Me.” Love is God not an attribute of God.

  4. Love this!!

    I have been reading the word on and off for sometime now. I’ve been watching a lot of sermons on youtube from bethel church, redding, Bill Johnson and I was told to be very cautious with Bethel and the beliefs. Of course, I kept an opened mind to what they said. But I began to over think about there opinion about bethel. And I cried out to God and wanting that truth and praying for truth. I flipped my bible and ran across a verse that spoke to me immediately
    1 Corinthians 4:5,
    1 Corinthians 4:6 NIV

  5. Wow! Thank you S&D for sharing this! It was so good.

    Austin, you did a great job! It struck a chord when you briefly mentioned Ruth 1:16. And it dawned on me how Naomi was nudging Orpah and Ruth to spread out their wings, but Ruth was loyal, strong-willed and refused to leave Naomi side, but Orpah wept and left. And this resonated with me because I’ve been living with my sister for almost eight years and I feel like we’ve gotten to a point where we need to transition (meaning going our separate ways and not live together).

    Recently I was watching a movie, and I heard the Holy Spirit say to me go to Denver, Colorado (not to make this a long story short) so I messaged my cousin, Andrea, asking her if she would be down to go to Denver for the Flourish conference and, to my surprise, she said Yes! Then we bought the tickets last minute, and we went to Colorado last Friday and the trip went seamless. So needless to say I have been thinking about possibly interning for Messenger.

    — What advice/suggestion would you give for a person moving out of state?

  6. Thanks for sharing I agree apart from the end reference to reading a Bill Johnsen book how will that help me better understand the word of God if the point is to be lead by the Holy Spirit not someone else’s…? Just a thought not a criticism. Blessings to you and your family

    • Austin Bevere

      Hi Kizzy, your question makes complete sense. Bethel Church/Pastor Bill Johnson have been pivotal in my life in allowing the Holy Spirit complete access to my mind, will, emotions, and heart. I am very logical, and so sometimes I can stifle what the Holy Spirit wants to do in my life because I value formulas more than a relationship with God. I think Pastor Bill Johnson is so good at reminding us that the Holy Spirit is a person and it’s important to allow His Kingdom reality in every part of our lives. You might have this reminder down so no need to read the book if so 🙂

  7. Melissa Lewelling

    When I was 14 I felt the Lord calling me to be a missionary, and I knew in my heart it was something He intended me to walk out starting even then (in small, everyday ways until the bigger plan was revealed) and not just wait to become an adult in order to fulfill the call. Then when I was 15 my single mom’s chronic illness turned terminal and nothing else seemed to matter anymore; the future and dreams I had felt God weaving into my heart withered up and died. Three years later my mom was still alive, I was a freshman in college and the Lord had brought my heart back from the brink of destruction. I began to feel His call to the mission field again (and my heart cry as a little girl to travel all around the world), so I began seeking Him in prayer for what country He wanted me to go to (and THROUGH His Word for the very first time). In my head I knew that His Word was alive and active, but I had only really felt like I encountered Him in worship up to this point; nothing radical from just reading my bible. Then, for the first time, He exploded His Word off of the page and onto my heart like a tattoo, a neon sign written DIRECTLY to me — it was nuts! Ezekiel 3:5 — “You are not being sent to a people of obscure speech and difficult language, but to the House of Israel — not to many peoples…whose words you can’t understand. Surely if I had sent you to them, they would’ve listened to you. But the House of Israel isn’t willing to listen to you because they arent willing to listen to me, for the whole House of Israel is hardened and obstinate. But I will make you as unyielding and hardened as they are. I will make your forehead like the hardest stone, harder than flint. Do not be afraid of them or terrified by them…” I was AMAZED at how God showed up, and so specifically! I was not expecting that, but the confirmation that I was an American missionary changed EVERYTHING about my heart, my focus, my priorities and my prayers. Nine months later my mom went home to Jesus and I now knew that the Word of God WAS alive, and could be applied to my gaping wound like a healing salve as I collapsed in the tent of His presence until I was strong enough to stand. His Word became everything — my guide, my encouragement, my comfort, my life. This July it will have been 7 years since I lost my mom, and the amount of healing, wholeness and freedom the Lord has brought into my life astounds me (and the world around me lol). But it all started with a RADICAL encounter with the living, breathing Word of God — illuminated by His Holy Spirit inside of me. This is SUCH an important post because God’s Word never returns void and He promises to reveal Himself to those who obey it, but if we can’t understand it because we never asked His Spirit to give us HIS eyes to see and HIS ears to hear then we’re already held captive by the chains of misunderstanding.

    • Austin Bevere

      This is so extraordinary, Melissa. I can sense the passion you have for the Word of God and the Holy Spirit’s leading! I’m so glad God has called you to change this nation!

  8. The first miracle Jesus performed was turning water into wine. [John 2:1-11]
    So often we get stuck on the drinking debate but there’s so much more beyond that. I didn’t really ever dive into this story too much but a month or so ago I asked the Lord to show me what was really going on here and wow! (Is all I can say)
    First of all weddings back then were huge celebrations that would last about a week and basically everyone from town was invited. Wine was a customary part of the celebration and to run out would be at the very least embarrassing and shameful. Now the master of the banquet would have been someone very close to the bridegroom and they were in charge of the whole celebration including this very important detail. For something that happened quite frequently in this culture it would have been unheard of to run out of wine on the 3rd day. At this point this wedding celebration seems dead, done, and hopeless but Jesus is asked to step in by Mary. At first He says, “My time has not yet come.” But then she told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” (Trusting in Him to do whatever He saw was best even if she didn’t know what that would look like). So He had them grab 6 ceremonial stone jars (120-180 gallons) filling them to the brim with water. Then He told them to draw some and take it to the Master who tasted it and then called the bridegroom aside and said, “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.”
    •The first miracle Jesus performed was at a wedding that He attended (marriage is a celebration that’s important)
    •Jesus took what seemed dead and resurrected it on the 3rd day (brought it back to life)
    •Only the disciples, Mary and the servants had seen what had happened (the master thought it was the Bridegroom who had provided – which in reality pointed to the true Bridegroom)
    •Jesus used 120-180 gallons of water turning it into choice (superior quality) wine meaning he provided abundantly more than what they ever needed and not only that but when He provides it’s the best of the best (superior) not just mediocre
    •Jesus used ceremonial jars which were used in Jewish law to cleanse oneself of the things they touched from everyday life (outward washing) yet later on wine becomes a representation of His blood inherently cleansing and washing us inwardly

  9. Really great message Austin! We can forget sometimes that it’s as simple as that- inviting him in and letting him do the work and the guiding.

    Studying the word this way also can avoid arguments about what scripture is actually saying as well, just like your example above. It diverts confusion and actually stretches our mindsets to have God’s perspective instead of just our own.

    Thank you for this!! X

  10. I had heard Proverbs 3:5 a hundred times growing up and always interpreted “trust with all your heart” as in ‘ trust with all my focus, energy, my devotion’ etc but one day while meditating on it I saw it in a new light. I sensed God say to me ‘I want you to trust me to have- in it’s entirety- your heart.’ Give Him my whole heart. The core of who I am, every belief and value, surrendered to Him.

    • Austin Bevere

      Wow! This is so good. I believe that’s exactly what God is after—our heart. Thanks for sharing, Ashlyn.

  11. Jerelene

    I love the transparent heart shared in your message! Just reflecting on my own experience of this, I was praying for wisdom in a career-waiting-season and I was convinced that God was going give me a harvest in that specific area.

    Then one morning I felt an impression to read about the Jesus at the wedding. I must admit, previously I didn’t pay attention to this story because I felt disconnected. I thought this miracle was weighted a marriage one and being single I couldn’t draw from it’s depth. Until the Holy Spirit ‘gently’ nudged me to read it again! Through His word, God spoke to me and said, “the harvest you’ve been waiting for has actually been you all along and just like this wine – I’ve saved the best for last…when people drink from you, they will say they’ve never tasted better”. Flash forward a year later, it’s exactly the feedback I receive from my Directors. This feedback doesn’t boost my ego, but is instead a constant reminder of God’s promises when I least felt it. His word is alive and thank you for this alarming reminder Austin!!!

  12. Hey there! So amazing topic and powerful msg – thanks – it helps a lot!

  13. Jason Hall

    Thank you Sons And Daughters, you really open my eyes to a lot of things I don’t give much thought to.

  14. Thank you for sharing!🙏

  15. I was stuck in John 11 for a good six months , which is a common story that many would know: the story of Lazarus’ death. I’ve read that story more times than I can count and I read it for what it was, a story about life , death, and resurrection.

    But six months ago Holy Spirit gave me a new revelation on it! This story is also about going through process and feeling emotions all with hope and trust in God. We all go through hard things and feel lots of emotions, but God promises we will make it through and he will get the glory. In John 11, Jesus is walking out the seeming death of a friend but it says multiple times that God promises sickness won’t end in death, that Lazarus will rise again and God will get the glory. We also see in this process , Jesus being deeply moved and troubled to the point of weeping. But Jesus never wept without knowing God would bring him through and hope that circumstances would change in a moment.

    It was so fitting to have that revelation during a time of deep inner healing in my life. It sustained me and brought me through on the other side more hopeful and joyful than ever!

  16. So good!!!