There’s no question that our generation suffers from an authority complex. We see how things could be done differently, done better, and this creates tension in our lives. At times, it feels like the powers that be just don’t get it. They can’t see what we see. They’re not hungry for the change we crave.

This tension isn’t necessarily bad. It has positioned each generation to build upon the prior generation’s success, to go further than their parents. But this tension, if misunderstood, will fragment generational relationships and keep us from realizing the role authority figures play in our development. It can also keep us from learning from our leaders’ failures and leveraging their victories.

It’s clear that our generation is marked for signs and wonders. Positioned to be innovators and disruptors. God has anointed us to change the world. But with this powerful mandate comes powerful resistance, and the enemy of our souls is using lies about authority to undermine the call of God on our lives.

That's why we have created the Sons & Daughters Under Cover Course. It’s up to us to decide how we will respond to the authority in our lives and when we learn to do it correctly, we will begin to see that fulfillment of our purpose come to pass.

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  1. Arden,

    This piece really spoke to me, unfortunately.

    “Looking beyond the authority and searching for the purpose …” and “freedom in submission …”

    Even just two months ago these statements would have triggered me to a Bible showdown with you but what I’ve learned from my tribulations with ungodly authority is that you leave it on the table and submit. (I can’t believe I just typed that.) Because the moment you do that, God will turn every battle with authority that was lost, even if unfairly lost, in your favor for His ultimate plan and your ultimate purpose. Every battle with authority I’ve lost in the past two years, or even my lifetime, every time my heart was broke, I was being propelled in a different direction. I can acknowledge that now, even though at that time it was not MY planned direction, and I couldn’t understand how people could be so cruel for no reason, I can see now that the ungodly authority was used for my benefit to change my life’s direction. God broke my heart to set me right. I’m certain I broke His heart too.

    After the personal and professional storm I just weathered (God put me in a double whammy), I realize even my battles lost were His battles won. I still have a problem with ungodly authority, some things never change, but I’m learning to breathe and hand them off. Because if I’m being honest with myself, the people in my life that love me, would never hurt me intentionally, and I’m not sure anything but hurt would have changed my path.

    God loves me and He won’t break my heart just cause … and that realization has deepened my faith.