There’s no question that our generation suffers from an authority complex. We see how things could be done differently, done better, and this creates tension in our lives. At times, it feels like the powers that be just don’t get it. They can’t see what we see. They’re not hungry for the change we crave.

This tension isn’t necessarily bad. It has positioned each generation to build upon the prior generation’s success, to go further than their parents. But this tension, if misunderstood, will fragment generational relationships and keep us from realizing the role authority figures play in our development. It can also keep us from learning from our leaders’ failures and leveraging their victories.

It’s clear that our generation is marked for signs and wonders. Positioned to be innovators and disruptors. God has anointed us to change the world. But with this powerful mandate comes powerful resistance, and the enemy of our souls is using lies about authority to undermine the call of God on our lives.

That's why we have created the Sons & Daughters Under Cover Course. It’s up to us to decide how we will respond to the authority in our lives and when we learn to do it correctly, we will begin to see that fulfillment of our purpose come to pass.

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