Going on tour with Bethel Music this past week was an experience we will never forget. We watched as altars filled with hundreds of people every night. Many of them had tears streaming down their faces as they dedicated themselves to their loving and merciful Father. And the testimonies were amazing! Backs were healed, tumors shrank, eyes were restored, and relationships miraculously reconciled.

Each night before our dad would speak, we’d sing Reckless Love by Cory Asbury. Even within the first few chords of the song, the entire atmosphere would shift, positioning our hearts to receive from God.

We love the revelation Cory had when his first child was born. While holding his son, Cory realized there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his boy, and if that’s how he felt then God must feel that way about us, His sons and daughters. Too often we create a twisted perspective of God that keeps us from running to Him. Maybe we see Him as merely a king, full of wrath and judgment. But we must never forget that He is our Heavenly Father, willing to cross the divide of space, time, and matter to bring us into His arms.

Take a moment to quiet yourself and listen to Reckless Love, opening your heart to its message. After listening to it, ask yourself this question, Have I allowed an incorrect view of God to keep me from running into His presence?

We believe that God wants to remind you that His love chases you down, fights until you’re found, and leaves the ninety-nine for you.

His reckless love never fails.



  1. Rachel Pike

    After coming out of a horrific season of sin this song even 4 years later reminds me over and over that the love and blood of Jesus is far greater than any sin no matter how “big” and “bad” the sin. No matter how many times i fail that if i truly embrace God’s love i can have the freedom that He died to give me in so many ways. Powerful song! And until watching this interview i had no idea Cory Asbury had been a wordhip leader in KC at IHOP. Yay! I live in suburbs outside of KC.

  2. Brooke Herzog

    One of my anthem songs! so good…

  3. Sarra Herring

    Incredible. I love the story of when he first saw his son– that nothing could change his love for more or for less towards him. That it’s this idea of remaining within. And Cory is right that so many of us are either afraid or don’t think to ask God, “what do you think of me?” It’s bold, and life-changing!

  4. Amy Horst

    I love Reckless Love! Will you listen to the song before we go out to do street ministry at Messenger Local. It sets the tone of our hearts to prepare for other people’s hearts. I love how God’s pursuit of us is so raw. He aggressively pursue us, yet in His gentleness leads us to the truth of His love!

  5. Christian Early

    The entire Reckless Love album exuberates passion and genuiness. Thank you Cory for sharing your vision and heart behind this!! It has spoken to me and so many others!!

  6. Sierra Manwaring

    Reckless Love is definitely one of my favorite songs!! It is so powerful and It brings me to tears every time I hear and sing it! God is using this song to bring so much life and truth to others and myself! It is just so amazing to be able to sing these words and know that they are true about every single person!! And that I don’t have to do anything to try and earn Gods undiservable amazing love!!
    Thank you so much for letting God speak through you!! God bless😊🙏🏻

  7. Oh how I would love to go to that tour 😄… you should really think about doing the same tour in Europe 😍…

    This song is absolutely my song of the year… My Dad got an new born child with his new wife and when I heard that news I was so angry and sad… I couldn’t understand the fact that this was happening so I cry out to God and that song was on my playlist it really calmed me and the sentence …it chases me down, fights ’til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine… hit me…. God was going after me until I was found he is the father I couldn’t have and he would leave the 99 to get me…. it’s even crazy to describe the message he was putting in my heart….

    By the way sorry for my English and God bless… 🙂

    • Arden Bevere

      Thank you Su for sharing with us! Let us know if we can be praying for you where ever you are at.

  8. This was so good!!