It鈥檚 engagement season in the Bevere household!

Within three days of each other, Austin and Arden dropped the knee. Addison was taken long ago, so that meant Alec was the last Bevere standing. The pressure was palpable. The question we all wondered was, When will he ask Ruth to be his forever and always?

Well, Alec shocked us all this week. If pressure truly does make diamonds, then it鈥檚 safe to say Alec鈥檚 engagement is rock solid.



Director: Alec Bevere

Director of Photography: Tina Lau

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  1. Teresa Hwangbo

    I am literally laughing by head off! Solid humor right there. Thanks Alec, made my day!!!馃槀

  2. Oh, brother. So punny. 馃槀

  3. 馃槄馃槄馃槄

  4. Sarra Herring

    Definitely one of the funniest things I鈥檝e seen. Alec, just out here giving the people what they want! #rocksolidruth

  5. Shane Bekker

    Cliched witty humour that is between a rock and a hard place. eeek!! Love it…not

  6. Jerelene

    Seriously the best thing on the Internet!!! And Congrats to the Bevere boys and their gorgeous fianc茅s 鉂わ笍

  7. Angel G Barajas

    Very well crafted. Only the Best .You Da Bomb!

  8. Miss Claire

    I was waiting for the word 鈥渁damant鈥 to be casually used at some point. 馃槈

    Loved the humor! Good job to all involved.

  9. Philip Ko

    Alec is naturally funny. Laughter is medicine to the soul!

  10. Hilarious!!

  11. Arden Bevere


  12. I enjoyed this video a bit too much馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ this is great!

  13. Zac Frye

    This is hilarious 馃槀