We serve an infinite God . . . a God who cannot be fully defined or reduced to mere labels. I mean, how could you define the potter by using only the clay that He creates? It’s impossible.

When we think of the magnitude of God, all we can do is stand in awe. But when we take it a step further and wrestle with the idea that our awesome God calls us His sons and daughters, how can we help but marvel?

This revelation hit me recently when I saw a well-known leader do something evil. The act itself became a public spectacle, and it was both attacked and supported by many. I even saw a lot of Christian leaders go to this man’s page and speak ill over him and his future.

At first, I agreed with these Christian leaders and considered their actions just. But then I felt a check in my spirit, and I didn’t know why. Soon after this, I saw a post by another Christian leader who was telling people to stand up against the man’s atrocity but to pray for the man, not attack him.

That got me thinking . . . this man was created by God, which means he could have a come-to-Jesus moment and realize what it means to be a son of God. I then felt the Lord prompting me to pray for this man, despite his heinous deed.

I think it’s easy to call out the evil in someone else and forget to pray for the future and promise that God placed within them. We must remember that Jesus didn’t die on the cross for a few of us; He died for all of humanity.

I challenge you to be someone who stands up against evil in this world but also speaks to and calls out the good. We don’t need more people pointing out what is wrong, we need people prophesying what is right.

Within every person there is a unique expression of God. We were, after all, made in His image. So do the world a favor and be who GOD CREATED YOU TO BE and pray for those who are bound in evil and have yet to discover what it means to be a child of God.



  1. Beautiful and wise words man of God

  2. Loved this!