This is the first part of the I Am Series.

Our world is desperate for God’s Sons & Daughters to discover who we truly are. It’s not enough for us to just say we’re Sons & Daughters . . . we need to wrestle with what it actually means to be the children of God. And that, my friends, is what the I Am Series is all about. 

The amazing truth is that our Heavenly Father has invited us into a higher way of Being. A new way to be human, if you will. A life that stretches beyond the confines of truncated religion and sterile sentiments.

In our world—and even within the “Christian” world—there’s so much confusion around being, purpose, belonging, etc. All of us sense that there’s something more than what we’ve known, and we’re struggling to find answers with substance.

And here’s the truth: THERE IS MORE! In fact, Scripture tells us that eternity was written on our hearts. There’s an expansiveness in us that requires us to move beyond secondhand information and superficial answers. 

Together, we can reject the notion that to be a child of God is a bland, boring assignment. We can become people who defy limitation, and who, by the power of God’s Spirit, step into the fullness of God’s design for our humanity.

This is the life we were created to know. This is living. Anything else is mere existence.

Fellow Sons & Daughters, there’s a higher way of Being. It’s time for us to take the leap.

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Watch the video. Then proceed.

Have you watched the video yet? If not, go watch it.

Did you watch it? If not, you’re missing out.

Last warning . . . watch the video.

Okay, to recap, the first I Am statement is: I am holy, so I stand out from the crowd.

Is it clear that holiness is so much more than “following the rules”? Holiness is the journey into everything our Father has for us. A journey into the beauty, wonder, and majesty of what it is to be a child of God and share His nature. Ultimately, our holiness is a byproduct of God’s holiness. And because of His Spirit and grace, we can be holy—in thought, word, and deed.

To be holy is to be whole. To be holy is to be His.

The wonder of holiness and its implications for our lives is a passion of mine, so I’ll unpack this more in the months and years ahead. My challenge for you today is to read 2 Corinthians 6 & 7 and ask God’s Spirit to reveal what holiness looks like in your life.

You are holy, so you stand out from the crowd.


  1. I think this is awesome. At the same time I was writing out truths from the Word of God, such as I am holy, ya’ll started this series. I loved Alec’s teaching on speaking God’s truth over yourself and therefore conforming your thoughts to God’s. This seems to go with that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yenni Schwartz.

    Hi! Everyone.
    How can I be part of this movement, and of what is coming in January.?
    I am originally from the Dominican Republic. First language Spanish.
    But I understand and speak English.
    My point is: I still live in Albany New York, but! I understand as well that hese qualities I describe about my self are not limitations, for me not to be involved, that I can still be part of these movement, I know and understand that God is calling out his sons and daughters for this generation.
    For such a time as these. People that would stand out for him, and the calling of Christ.
    Please I just need more information.
    Thank you.
    Be bless.

    • Arden Bevere

      Hello Yenni, We are going to be sending out things to our launch team the week after Christmas. We are releasing something that is going to need people like you to get behind and share with your friends. If you aren’t on our launch team yet here is the link.

  3. As a young adult in today’s world, I struggle everyday to be what God has designed me to be. Somedays I feel good about myself, but others have been just trying to make it through the day without any world crashing decisions . Thank yall for continuing to guide people into real living! Please don’t ever think yall aren’t making impressions because you are!! I am going to go read the other 2 posts now and watch that video lol

  4. Sakiru Adebayo

    So excited to be a part of this!!! God bless you guys. With love from South Africa.

  5. Thankful for this message, Addison! God is indeed great! I love the message and how God wants us to live a life of Holiness and be like Him. Excited for more!

  6. Like! Like! Like!…
    This is amazing!!!
    I’m so excited to realize that in this world I have a friends, true friends just like you my lovely S&D team! :sob:
    I’m looking forward impatiently to see what is coming and be a part of it!
    It is just great to know that you can be a part of this all..! 🙌🏼
    Thank you for everything!

  7. Jordan Pomrenke

    Excited to be a part of this journey through the course!

  8. I’m so thankful there is a people making this message so plain. Who look normal. You are highlighting these attributes that help daily living come alive. I wrote something this week in a text and it when something like this. I want heaven to find residency in my heart. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. It’s our will and our heart working together in unity with the Holy Spirit that brings us into the heightened state of mind. Keep it up and I will be watching and forwarding. The messages are getting clearer!!!

  9. Awesome!! Identity is key!…Thank you for sharing the truth, of the way God our father is calling us to live…a life in the Spirit…as Sons and Daughters, is our new Identity. Excited for what God has already done🙌🏼 I’m ready to walk on what He has prepared for me as his daughter! On fire for 2019 🔥

  10. Arden Bevere

    So excited about this series and then the big launch in JANUARY!!