This is the second installment of the I Am Series.

Our world is desperate for God’s Sons & Daughters to discover who we truly are. It’s not enough for us to just say we’re Sons & Daughters . . . we need to wrestle with what it actually means to be the children of God. And that is what the I Am Series is all about. 

Take a second to watch the video. Then proceed.


For God made the only one who did not know sin to become sin for us, so that we who did not know righteousness might become the righteousness of God through our union with him. 2 Corinthians 5V21 TPT

You guys, the righteousness of God is part of your identity in Christ. Another piece to this unending gift that became ours at Calvary.

Jesus’s blood has given you new life, so you BELONG in the family of God. And because you are found within, you can fight for those without. Because you’re found in Him, you can live free from the tyranny of self-centeredness. It’s in the beauty of selflessness that you find the desire to lay down your life, look up, and follow in the footsteps of your Older Brother—the only Person who could exchange our filth for the beautiful freedom of righteousness. 

It is through this union with Christ that we discover what it means to be righteous. That is why we should reject the hustle to prove our worthiness and instead humbly receive HIS perfect righteousness. It’s in this exchange that we find the power and perspective to become the hands and feet of God—vessels of “thy kingdom come, thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven.” 

You are righteous, so you fight for justice.


  1. Thank you Julie, this was simply powerful. I think I might need to listen to it a few times to grasp more and more…. this is a great project of S&D.

  2. Brooke Herzog

    So excited for what is coming this January!!