This is the fifth part of the I Am Series.

In a world obsessed with status, I want to find humility.

When I was younger, confidence was something that I constantly struggled with. Growing up the youngest of four boys and having parents that were, and are, the powerhouses that they are, caused me to shrink back into my own shell. Being surrounded by so much talent and confidence caused me to question my own. Teachers used to tell my parents that they didn’t think I had a personality because I wouldn’t talk to anyone.

It wasn’t until my walk with the Lord matured and strengthened that my confidence did too. I stopped putting pressure on myself to be someone I wasn’t. I started to speak with boldness and walk more upright. But this wasn’t instantaneous.

It’s not like I woke up one day to find that God had taken away all of my flaws. Please understand, this wasn’t a case of newfound confidence that comes from some kind of overnight perfection. No, I’m still very flawed, but I’m learning to trade old insecurities for a new confidence—a confidence fueled by humility. A humility that grows as I put more stock in God’s opinion of me, rather than my opinion of myself.

This idea of growing in humility is very evident in the Apostle Paul’s life. As God did more and more mighty works through him, his thoughts of himself shrank. He started out saying that he was the least of the apostles, and by the end of his ministry, he wrote that he was the worst of all sinners! You see, Paul realized that it wasn’t about him—his strengths, weaknesses, abilities, etc. It was about Christ in Him, the hope of an eternal glory.

I know that this type of thinking is radically different than society’s idea of confidence. That’s why I want to challenge you to read God’s word and embrace who He says you are: Son. Daughter. Confident. Humble. Powerful. Begin to dwell more on His thoughts, rather than your insecurities, and watch as a confident humility arises within you.

I am confident, so I chase radical humility.


  1. Michelle-Joy

    This is so amazing… So empowering to have you guys encouraging us in the right pursuit of Christlike identity as young adults. Especially in today’s world. Thank you!

  2. Wow! Such great revelation. “Our confidence needs to be in God and not in ourselves”. This is so liberating. You are right, humility is the key to pursue this. As I press more and more into God it seems that humility and submission are the character traits that are most important to God. Thanks so much for sharing this

  3. Ryan W Huddleston

    Are you all going to post all the others? This is so amazing. We are doing this as a Sunday school Program for High School Students. Thank you so much Arden for this group.

    • Arden Bevere

      Hey Ryan, that so awesome to hear! All of the other I am videos can be found on our website under the I AM series. They are also all on our youtube page sonsanddaughterstv. Let me know if you find them!

  4. WOW, Thank you very much I am also in a journey to have confidence in the Lord.

  5. Tyler Bishop

    PRAISE GOD!!!! Such a good word! Thanks Arden!

  6. Radical humility! Love

  7. Susan Green

    Thanks for sharing your experience in Christ.

  8. This was so powerful!

  9. Thanks for sharing part of your walk with Jesus and inspiring us all! 🙌🙌