This is the sixth part of the I Am Series.

You are creative. Yes, you.

Despite what many may think, creativity isn’t just reserved for people who use Macs or write poetry. Creativity is something that we all have—it’s a gift from our Creator that’s just waiting to be explored and developed.

Because I produce films, people tell me that I must be the creative one in the family. But my brothers and I know that’s far from the truth. Austin is an excellent strategist who creatively marketed a book to become a New York Times bestseller. Addison is the COO of Messenger International, not only because he is a hard worker, but because he creatively sees and executes projects in different ways. Arden is a creative master at curating movie quotes and compelling sermons.

See, creativity is the unique story that you tell when you see yourself the way God sees you and harmonize with the largeness that He’s placed within you. It’s a beautiful picture that you paint through your everyday life (you see that play on words?).

We serve a creative God, and even more important, we were created in His image. So stop seeing yourself as boring or bland. God’s Spirit lives inside you, which means that you can reflect His glory in your everyday, normal life.

So remember, creativity isn’t exclusive to certain jobs or personality types. Rather, it’s something that we all possess. But here’s the thing—it has to be nurtured. Like with anything, it needs time, attention, and the right elements to grow.

Here are two things that will help you cultivate your creativity:

  • Believe that you are creative;
  • Ask three people to point out something creative that they love about you.

One last thought, as you dive into what God’s placed within you, don’t fall into the comparison trap. Comparison kills creativity. There’s nothing wrong with respecting and admiring others, but don’t use them as a measuring stick. God has a unique plan and growth track for you, so don’t be distracted or discouraged by what’s happening in someone else’s journey.

You are creative, so use your talents to reflect God’s glory.


  1. Thank you for the reminder of this beautiful, freeing truth. I needed to hear it today! I SO love what you are all doing and hearing from your hearts. Praying the Lord will bless the vision of this ministry for His honour and glory!

  2. Yes, it starts with just accepting that you’re not like everybody else. You’re different; set apart.
    The process to becoming can be slow and challenging. It’s good to have goals here on earth, we need to have them. Like in Genesis God gave Adam to work in the garden and to take care of it. But if we pray and have the right focus we can work on those God given talents and allow God to flow through them,if we let Him.

  3. Tatiana LISMAN

    So glad to read this!
    If we look at ourselves in the mirror we see that God is very creative. We inherit that for our pleasure and for our purpose. Wheher it is in politics, business, medicin, arts, economics, creativity along with many more things bring freshness of our God unto all the 7 mountains. So, yeah defenitly glad and thankful that you are sharing this for our generation.

  4. I have really enjoyed the “I am” series. Each one has been very significant and powerful! I’ve been waiting for the 7th one but it hasn’t been released yet? Or is that what we are waiting for in the launch? 💜 Happy New Year family 🎉

  5. Ahhhhh! Yes this is so good. This is empowering to hear because I know that I am creative but it wasn’t until this past year that I really decided to go after that knowledge full throttle. Being an artist I do know the challenges, they come at me everyday. But I know that when I’m painting what is true, noble, honorable, excellent, praiseworthy and sublimely beautiful, that’s what God wants His artists to represent. God’s there in the midst of it and His glory shows up in the minute details even when I’m not aware. I love looking at a painting in the end and seeing that God did the work He just used me to put the pieces together. The struggle becomes worth it when you realize that one piece was hand crafted for someone you have no idea what their story is, but somehow they connect with it. Though doubt still comes now and then, I’ll keep reminding myself of all the times He showed up. Creatives unite! Thanks Alec!

  6. Alec,

    What a unique perspective. It’s ironic to think that we all have been putting the definition of creativity in a constrictive box … which is in itself a paradox of the concept of creativity. This post puts a whole new spin on “think outside the box’. Creativity is in every talent and we are all just vessels. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I needed this reminder on this new season of my life! Thank you Alec!

  8. Wow, thank you for this encouraging new perspective! Your last thought on comparison has resulted in a huge light bulb moment. I AM CREATIVE! Absolutely sending this to all my friends and family! Thanks again

  9. Tyler Bishop

    So good bro!

  10. Thank you! This is amazing! I really needed to hear and be reminded of this! Thank you!

  11. Thanks for sharing! As I’ve been praying with the 21 days of prayer, God has been giving me things to write at a rapid rate. Various words which align with what’s being said your side. One piece in particular correlates with the groaning of Heaven and Earth. I was given 2 Cor 5:12-21 which talks about our reconciliation with God and the call to implore others on His behalf. I believe when we are free to be moved by the Spirit, in our gifting, creativity is inevitable. We are afterall made in the Creator’s image. Pure creativity is when we see something of Heaven and bring it to Earth. Our work as ambassadors is to bring the Kingdom to our various areas of influence and impact through divine culture.

    When my mind is lost at sea
    And I feel disembodied
    Your voice and touch
    A dreamlike memory

    I feel an absence
    Of Your Light
    It makes the days
    An endless night

    Then You show me
    Where You are
    Your arms surround me
    In the dark

    And the Truth
    That always was
    Comes again
    You have never left me

    You take my hand
    Open my eyes
    Show me the wonder
    Of being alive

    The marvel is
    All around
    As You woo me
    To new dawn

    For the Son has risen
    Darkness lost its mission
    Through Your treasure given
    We have been set free

    And I can’t help it
    Falling more in love
    Every day’s remarkable
    Because You walk with me

    You draw me closer
    You share Your secrets
    Your Love is divine
    In nature, Your essence

    Your heart beats
    For restored goodness
    The Heavens and Earth
    Groan in anticipation

    We stand on a precipice
    We ambassadors
    The King is coming
    His Kingdom with

    How He calls the lost
    To assemble
    To be of His image
    Once more

    What a merciful Ruler
    He truly is
    Who restores purpose
    Who imputes holiness

    Praise Him all with breath
    For in us He breathed Life
    May our hearts beat for Him
    Who lovingly gave us, Christ.

  12. Hello! Wow this is huge! Is really a change of perspective about creativity because our culture says that just “certain types of people” can be creative and the rest is just “productive” or “good with the numbers” like a black and white thing. This is really helpful and I’m reading again and again in order to allow myself to drink it and then I could give this to other people and help them to improve themselves. Thank you for this! I’m excited for what’s the next I’m. Greetings from Mexico.