Articles by: Alec Bevere

022 /// Dreams Of The Night

God has used dreams to speak to people since the beginning of time. Dreams have foretold future events and inspired many amazing inventions. I was super excited to do this post. Honestly, before actually gathering my thoughts, I figured my college classes and sleeping every night would suffice for the […]

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017 /// Nighttime Routines

The Routine of Champions Setting up a nighttime routine was a game changer for me. Why? Well, for starts, I finally felt like I wasn’t a failure for not being consistent with any kind of morning routine (I’m not a “morning person”). Plus, now my nocturnal habits help me end […]

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004 /// How to Fight a Shark

THE DAY I FOUGHT A SHARK Shark attacks happen often. But fear and anxiety take more lives. The good news is there’s a way for us to take down and beat these lethal animals. via GIPHY 1. Don’t Talk about It! Now this may sound like the exact opposite of […]

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