I am a son.

Arden Bevere

Being the fourth of four boys, my life has always been an adventure. Growing up, I often found myself being challenged and dared (often against my will) by my older brothers. Now, I am finding that this was preparing me for how God would challenge and dare me to accept His adventures. These adventures have taken me everywhere from a seemingly small town in Virginia to a massive city in Australia. I have met so many amazing people along the way, and I am excited for you to meet a few of them too.

I am tri-lingual in English, memes and movie quotes. Well, at least I’m believing that someday they will count as languages.

I love hard conversations and connecting our generation to truth in a world full of confusion. It is clear that God has put something special on our generation—His sons and daughters. I’m passionate to see us abandon limiting labels from the world and step into the fullness of what God has for us.



I am a daughter.

Juli Bevere

Some people call me Juli, and four tiny people call me “Mom.” I’m 28 going on 40, yet somehow I’m also 28 going on 18 . . .

The past decade of my life has been a non-stop flurry of falling in love, growing up, and having babies. As an ill-equipped 19-year-old, I dove head first into all things marriage and family. I hustled and pretended my way into what I thought a mom and wife should be. This left me confused, exhausted, and disappointed.

The facades I’ve spent years cultivating are beginning to fade, and now God is leading me on a journey of discovering His design for my life. I’ve had glimpses of the sweet freedom He has to offer, and I’m determined to experience more.



I am a son.

Austin Bevere

If you enjoy Star Wars, we have a lot to talk about. I’m 28 years old and the second born of the A-Team. I live in Colorado with my family, and you can find me hiking, working out, or playing a game of pick-up football.

I like formulas (it’s the math in me), so I am constantly looking for ways to uncover practical principles and truths that will help other people. (But first, I act as the guinea pig.) One of the greatest discoveries I have had is that we as Christians can practically renew our minds and lead our emotions with the truths found in Scripture.

I love reading stories of extraordinary acts by ordinary people. I believe many in my generation (including myself) desire to live amazing stories like these, and I am excited to walk alongside you as God unfolds what He has for our lives.



I am a son.

Addison Bevere

I wear lots of hats: Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Boss, just to name a few. All my life I’ve been pulled to a higher level than what I thought I was ready for. I was married at 22, had my first kid at 23, became the COO of Messenger International at 24, and co-wrote a book at 27.

After years of navigating my own insecurities and doubt, I’m finally starting to lean into what God’s doing in and through me. At 31, I’m the old man of this group, so if I’m ever cool, it’s by accident.

Someone once asked me to sum up my passion in less than ten words. After a moment’s hesitation, I answered: “to not undersell the gospel.”

The gospel has been marginalized and stripped of its power, so I’m dedicating my life to helping people realize their place and purpose as sons and daughters of God.



I am a son.

Alec Bevere

Colorado raised yet currently residing in San Diego. In my spare time, I hunt sharks, surf, snowboard, and it’s even rumored I once caught a wild mountain sheep in New Zealand. In addition to getting second place in the world’s sexiest man competition, I’ve also met the world’s sexiest man.

I live to connect people to the God who makes the impossible possible. My life is evidence of this coming from the impossibly helpless… just ask the principal, whose office I used to frequent during my in-school suspensions.

My name means the defender of mankind and that’s exactly what I’m fighting for…you.



I am a daughter.

Brooke Herzog

Hello! I am a Colorado native, but I still enjoy long walks on the beach (no, this isn’t my dating profile).

My 20 years of life have felt like a series of God revealing bits and pieces of Himself to me during all the adventures we have taken. When I was young, He was my Father, then my Pursuer, and now He is my King. He will never be done revealing Himself to you and me…and I love that!

You can usually find me carrying around 4 or 5 books: 2 journals, 2 Bibles and my latest read—it can get heavy, so it’s a good thing I’m swoll.

I am an advocate for life-giving words, and I have a passion to see my generation radically revived and brought back to their true identity as sons and daughters of God. I’m excited to continue discovering bits and pieces of God alongside you!