Live Fearlessly /// 032

Last week, we unpacked how fear can become something that controls your life and paralyzes your dreams. But what if I also told you that not all fear is bad? Throughout the Bible, we see examples of fear cast in a positive light. This idea is hard to grasp, especially […]

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How To Face Fear /// 031

I’ve interacted with a lot of people my age and younger over the past couple of years. When I ask what God is doing in their life, they normally give me the same answer: God just has me in a season of doing nothing . . . I’m just waiting […]

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004 /// How to Fight a Shark

THE DAY I FOUGHT A SHARK Shark attacks happen often. But fear and anxiety take more lives. The good news is there’s a way for us to take down and beat these lethal animals. via GIPHY 1. Don’t Talk about It! Now this may sound like the exact opposite of […]

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