During Messenger Cup week, we decided to tackle the topic of generosity by asking some of the S&D Team what the word means to them (they were caught a little off guard 😂).

Above you can watch their answers to the question:

“What does generosity mean?”

Below are some of the powerful statements said (with a phone background to match).

Comment below what generosity means to YOU!



  1. I live in the inner city of MA and my family doesn’t make much so we do what is required when it come to tithing but, Generosity for us it more about our time and being there som times the church and people need other to pick up the slack when other just can’t be there or maybe giving a ride to some who does have one or just be the janitorial staff for and event sometimes when you can give you can do

    • Brooke Herzog

      This is so good, Mari!
      Generosity can be so much more than what we think. Serving is one of the most generous things we can do!

    • Sons & Daughters

      Being generous with our time and our gifts is SO powerful and SO important! Thank you for sharing, Mari.

  2. Generosity is giving even when it hurts knowing that you’re getting nothing back in return and you’re Honestly okay with it.

    • Sons & Daughters

      That reminds me of Luke 6:35 that says, “But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High…” Such a good perspective, Kat!!

  3. Generosity: living like you believe Your Daddy owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Comes from a mentality of abundance and is driven by abundant love.

    • Sons & Daughters

      That is so good, Danae! When we live from a place of confidence knowing that our God holds it all, everything changes. It expands our hopes and our dreams!

  4. Grayson Z

    So many great words in these vlogs! I’d say generosity is giving of yourself without expecting anything in return. Jesus constantly treated people with love and kindness and treated them generously, even though some of those people would condemn him to die later. Whether it’s giving of our time, money, or other resources, generosity stems from a heart that loves people and wants to see them succeed without personally receiving anything back.

    • Sons & Daughters

      It’s so powerful when we begin to desire seeing those around succeed and achieve their dreams! We can’t help but be generous with what we have been given. Thanks for sharing, Grayson!

  5. Well, so many things, but the first one that comes to mind is: going out of your way to meet a need that’s not your own. Allowing yourself to be inconvenienced (in the best way) for someone else. 🙂

    • Sons & Daughters

      Sarra! So good! Jesus was always willing to be “interrupted” or “inconvenienced” to meet the needs around Him. Good answer.