Watch the RISE Trailer.

Watch the RISE Trailer to learn what this is all about.

1. Read the covenant.

It's good to read something before you sign it. So give it a good read--we have a short and long version (for those of you who like extra credit).

Read the Full Covenant
Read the Short Covenant

2. Sign the covenant.

Then, grab a friend, to sign the RISE Covenant with you.

Sign the Covenant

3. Share the covenant.

Then, grab a friend, and sign the RISE Covenant. Your signature tells God—and anyone else—that only HE has the right to define you.

1. Send out the link to your friends.

2. Share your story about how you're rising above (& don't forget the hashtags!) #RiseMovement #IAmASon #IAmADaughter

3. Allow these words to become a banner over your life.

Change your world.

The world needs all of us to RISE into the fullness of our identity and purpose. As you begin to step into a higher way of being, the world around you will do the same.

"...for as he rises up within us... the Holy Spirit makes God’s fatherhood real to us." – Romans 8:15 TPT